Loyo Snode Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with 3pcs Crank Review

Loyo Snode Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

LOYO Magnetic Elliptical Machine

LOYO Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is a modern, heavy duty aerobic fitness equipment with a smart LCD display, heart rate sensors, solid 3pcs crank for enhanced durability and more intense workouts, belt drive and 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance for use in home gyms.

You can feel safe and stable when you’re working out on this robust product with a very solid construction, good quality components, very large anti-slip pedals and 3 pcs crank. The solid and durable steel frame on this magnetic elliptical can carry a maximum user weight of 265 pounds. You are able to move your whole body, including your core section- abs, hips, arms- biceps & triceps and legs simultaneously on this elliptical machine.

There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust for an easier or more difficult workout to burn calories and fat efficiently, strengthen and tone different muscles of your body. You can have as much of a challenging training session as you want when you turn the resistance dial for more resistance. It offers a low impact workout that will not be much of a burden on your knees or joints, while you exercise smoothly and comfortably in a movement that will feel more natural. It is a belt driven elliptical trainer with a good quality solid belt and magnetic flywheel for a quieter and smoother operation to not disturb the others in the house or your neighbors.

The digital LCD-backlit display shows the workout stats like the calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, ODOmeter for the distance from the first use of this bike and pulse rate through the handle sensors. By monitoring your pulse rate as well as the other exercise data you can adjust your workout intensity and speed as you like. There is an iPad holder where you can place your smartphone or tablet. It is nice to be able to keep track of your workout progress to get to the fitness results you want faster. You can exercise in two directions of forward and backward for targeting slightly different muscles.

Loyo Magnetic Elliptical Trainer weighs 66.14 pounds and measures 21.3D x 41.7L x 64.2H inches. You can assemble it easily within an hour or so if you follow the instructions provided. It comes with a horizontal stabilizer that you may adjust to level the elliptical trainer if it doesn’t feel balanced or stable. This elliptical trainer doesn’t have a folding design but includes the transportation wheels for being moved around easily. The 3 piece crank makes this fitness equipment more sturdy andLOYO Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Features durable and your training session more intense. You’ll be able to burn more fat as you have an increased heart rate for a longer time.

Resistance levels 1 and 2 are more for warming up before your workout, 3 and 4 are for shaping your body, 5 and 6 for enhancing your endurance and 7 and 8 for toning muscles. The company offers a quick and friendly customer service and they will get back to your queries as soon as possible. If you don’t do weight lifting and you just want to do cardiovascular workout this could well work for you instead of gym. You can use it when you’re watching TV, listening to music, playing with your phone as it runs quietly and with the distraction of the entertainment you can exercise longer and burn more calories. Please note that Loyo is a sub brand of Snode and they are the same equipment with a different logo. There is a single 5-star rating for this solid equipment at the time of our post release.

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