LOKOUO Elliptical Cross Trainer with Magnetic Resistance Review

LOKOUO Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer 

LOKOUO Elliptical Cross Trainer

LOKOUO Elliptical Cross Trainer is a heavy duty cardio fitness equipment for home use. It has a two way flywheel that weighs 9kg and 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance and an LCD-backlit console with 11 functions including the accurate heart rate sensors. These include the Pulse, Reset, Up, Down, Enter, Distance, Speed, Time, Scan, RPM and Calories. It has the 3-step adjustable pedals and 16-speed silent magnetic resistance control system.

Levels 1-4 are for warm-up exercise or light training, 5-8 is fitness training, 9-12 is the endurance mode and 13-16 is the challenging resistance training. You can adjust the intensity during your workout depending on your needs and what you can handle at the moment. And changing the resistance up and down throughout your workout session will stimulate your body to burn more calories and fat. 3-level adjustable pedals will meet the needs of taller or shorter users and this elliptical cross trainer is suitable for use by people of different heights and ages. It runs smoothly and quietly with a uniform resistance and stable and quiet operation provided by the decent magnetic flywheel and without frictions.

There is a sound absorbing chain cover for a quieter operation. The flywheel and the permanent magnet are not in direct contact, for a safer, smoother and quieter operation. You have the icon type buttons on the LCD display that is easy to read and understand. With the micro-backlighting it doesn’t use up much battery. There is an iPad bracket or tablet holder for LOKOUO Elliptical Cross Traineryou to have your tablet or smartphone on for entertainment and distraction during your workout session. You can exercise longer and burn more calories and fat. Lokouo Elliptical Cross Trainer weighs 99.21 pounds and measures 1570 x 680 x 1620mm. The stride length is 38cm.

It has a very robust and firm structure and construction to carry a total user weight of 330 pounds or 150kg. And there will not be any shaking or wobbling even during a heavy workout. It offers a low impact workout and will prevent any potential knee or joint injuries. You actually have a treadmill, a spin bike and a stepper in this three-in-one cardiovascular fitness machine. Lokouo Elliptical Trainer was first released very recently on September 20, 2020 and there aren’t any user ratings. But it is one of the better selling hot new releases among elliptical trainers at Amazon.com. An elliptical cross trainer has the ability to make you burn calories, lose weight and tone up your muscles faster than some other cardio machines like bikes. It gets your whole body involved in a standing position and make you move a bit more.

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