LifeWarrior Vibration Platform Body Shaker Massager Review

LifeWarrior Vibration Platform

LifeWarrior Full Body Vibration Platform

LifeWarrior Vibration Platform is a full body shaker, power board, flat fitness platform, home training equipment and massager that can be used in addition to your conventional workout at the gym or home.

It appeared at only very recently in October, 2020 and there aren’t any product reviews and ratings yet. But it is still one of the better selling among the vibration platforms at, currently ranking in top 50. You have different color options of black, blue, grey, pink and yellow with different designs and prices that you can check on the Amazon product page.

The reported benefits of vibration platforms include the increased heart rate and metabolism with the very fast contraction of muscles, calorie and body fat burning, better blood circulation, helping the weight loss, suppressing the joint pressure and strengthening the bones. About the weight loss and strengthened and toned muscles benefits of these vibration platforms, many people online are positive and claim that they’ve had good results.

Our humble opinion is that they can help you feel better, massage your body, stimulate the muscle tissues and contract your muscles very fast and offer an additional help in losing weight and fitness if used in combination with your regular workout and healthy diet. The smart control panel on the basic model shows the speed/intensity and time. You have the power, time, music and movement indicators and a signal receiver and the touch buttons to adjust the time and speed.

It has the suction cups underneath the vibration plate to keep it fixed and stable on the ground during the operation and the anti-slip rubber surface and pedals will also make you feel safer. By using the yoga bands included you can make it work on your upper body too. They will certainly enhance the blood flow in your body and soothe the fatigue on your legs and feet. Your feet have a maximum amount of contact on its large surface and you will feel safe and comfortable.

LifeWarrior Full Body Vibration Plate

The larger and more expensive vibration board model comes with a body fat test on its LED monitor and you can adjust the intensity and check your fat rate occasionally to see how you’re progressing. There are 99 speed levels to choose from and that you can adjust by the remote control included conveniently. These vibration platforms are made of good quality, durable and anti-slip PVC and PP.

Your feet will stay put and stable on their anti-slip surfaces, and there won’t be any noise or scratching on the floor. Please have a look at the different models by LifeWarrior on the product page and see which one would suit your needs better. Whichever model you choose, they are all tested and inspected thoroughly for durability and functionality before going out on the market. And it will be pretty much a risk-free purchase for you with the return policies of With different price tags, we think that these vibration plates offer good value for money.

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