LifePro Rhythm Professional Whole Body Vibration Platform Review

LifePro Rhythm Professional Whole Body Vibration Platform 

LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine

LifePro Rhythm is a large, professional grade whole body vibration platform with a 1000W, 1.2 horsepower motor and 99 adjustable speeds for home use as a passive vibration workout machine for both weight loss and aerobic workout. It has an impressive average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 211 users at the time of this product review.

By contracting your muscles very quickly and many times each second it can help you tone and strengthen your muscles. And it can also be used for gentle, therapeutic recovery purposes. With those vibrations it will wake up muscles in your body, enhance blood flow, circulation, oxygen transport and balance. This way your body will be much better equipped to repair itself by regenerating the cells. And you can expect enhanced motion, balance, flexibility and comfort by even the first use of this vibration platform.

If you suffer from constant acute or chronic pain from previous injuries or damage you may have done to your body, this vibration machine can help sort out the underlying problem. It may offer a better solution than taking pain killers each time you have pain. You will even gain much better benefits in the short or long-run if you use it regularly. This is because of the ligaments and limbs achieving better motion range and flexibility. It comes with the handlebars on both sides to keep you balanced, which also have the pulse sensors for getting an accurate heart rate reading as you go along.

The way the Rhythm works is it vibrates and oscillates, to activate the muscle fibers in your body and you can enjoy a faster and more effective recovery. While strengthening muscles and helping with bone density it also helps reduce stress. With the 99 levels of intensity or speed you can use it for a simple recovery after a tough workout or as a decent workout tool. It has a bright, easy to read display panel with the comfy controls. You’ll be standing on the anti-slip rubber while holding the handles on both sides and enjoy a safer workout. The maximum total user weight capacity is 330 pounds or 150kg on this machine.

LifePro Rhythm Vibration Platform

You’ll get cords included with your purchase, which you can use for upper body resistance training while standing on it and feeling the vibrations. It is quite well constructed and easy to assemble, so you can start using it straight out of the box. You’ll find three 10-minute programs on the control panel, or you can adjust your own speed. It comes with a trainer support by which you get a 15-minute free consultation. Please note that these vibration platforms are designed in the US and made in China.

LifePro Rhythm weighs about 60.4 pounds and the vibration pad measures 14.5 x 21 inches, comes with the transport wheels at the back to help move it to any part of your house. LifePro also offers free guidance through live support and online video libraries that you will have access to free of charge. These vibration platforms go through strict tests and inspections and they are checked for durability, efficacy and power. You’ll get a lifetime warranty and help by a friendly customer service team, so you can have a peace of mind that you will not be left hanging. It is a very good value product considering how much less it costs than some other high-end models on the market.

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