Leasbar Under Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer Pedal Exerciser Review

Leasbar Under Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer

Leasbar Under Desk Elliptical Exercise Machine

Leasbar Under Desk Elliptical Trainer is a mini pedal exercise bike with a belt drive, an LCD display, adjustable resistance and very quiet operation at 30 decibels. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by a single user at the moment as this mini bike was released only very recently at the end of September, 2020.

At the same price advertised, you have three color options of black+red, white+blue and white+red. Unlike what’s used on a conventional bike or stepper by which you go up and down or around, you have the elliptical mechanism on this mini bike and any impact on your joints or knees is reduced and you will not be likely to feel and discomfort on your hip or back or experience any injuries. The oversized anti-slip textured pedals are good for different foot sizes and you can pedal both ways, forward and back, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The integrated digital monitor shows you your distance traveled, time exercised, strides and calories burned in real time. You’ll be able to follow your workout progress and keep in track on your path to getting fit. This mini elliptical trainer has the step-less resistance regulation and you can change the resistance or intensity by a simple twist of a knob at the front. Please note that there are no specific levels of resistance and you just turn the tension dial at the front to whatever level you can handle. It runs smoothly and very quietly thanks to the belt drive. mechanism.

Leasbar Under Desk Elliptical is made of solid ABS plastic, weighs 31 pounds with a total user weight capacity of 220 pounds and measures 17.3W x 24.8L x 11.1H inches. It is compact and portable with a transport handle to let you move and relocate Leasbar Under Desk Elliptical Trainerit effortlessly. You can assemble this mini bike easily in just a few minutes shipped in four parts and with a screws bag. You can use it as an under desk bike and pedal when you’re studying, working or playing on the computer and you won’t be disturbed.

It will help improve the blood flow in your body and your balance while burning calories. You can use it in a standing position and it is best that you hold onto something stable when you’re standing on it, so that you do not fall over. It is a manual mini elliptical exercise machine, not motorized or elliptical and the LCD display panel works with batteries that are included in the package. It qualifies for refund or free replacement in case you’re not happy with it or defective. You can contact the customer service for your questions or problems through your order page at Amazon.com. Overall it appears to be good value for the dollar with its build quality, functionality and fair price.

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