KUOKEL Vibration Plate with Dual Motors and Resistance Bands Review

KUOKEL Vibration Plate with Dual Motors

KUOKEL Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Black KUOKEL Vibration Plate is a modern exercise machine with two motors with 3D motion and resistance bands for a whole body workout in the comfort of your home. It has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the moment, being a very recent release vibration platform. It comes with a remote control with the same functions of the control panel to make your life easier when you want to select a program, and adjust speed and time.

You can use this unit for burning calories and losing weight, on its own or in combination with your conventional workout. With the dual motors that run quietly you’ll get a decent passive workout at 30 different speeds. It is claimed to increase heart rate, enhance metabolism, burn calories and unwanted fat, improve muscle strength, enhance blood circulation, decrease muscle soreness, and increase bone density. The vibration platform comes with the resistance bands to help work on different parts of your upper body. It offers quite a decent full-body workout without making much noise.

There are total of 13 preset programs for your different needs or whatever you wish to achieve. The 30 speed settings may not sound as much as the 90 to 100 speeds offered on some models. But we think that the higher number is a bit misleading and you have as much challenge on this one, if not more. It feels easier at the lower levels, which is recommended when you’re just starting out and more difficult at the higher levels. Where you stand on this platform will determine the intensity- it will feel like walking on the sides, jogging close to the center and running right in the center.

You have a good amount of space on its large platform- measures 30.31 x 6.30 x 17.32 inches and has a 242.5-pound user weight capacity. But it still has a compact design that makes it easier to store in convenient spots like under the couch or bed when you’re done with your daily session. The LCD-backlit touch display lets you monitor your workout by KUOKEL Vibration Plate with Resistance Bandsshowing you the current vibration speed, calories burned and time exercised. And with the remote control provided in the box you can change the preset workouts, your speed and workout time.

The vibration plate has a non-slip surface to keep your feet in place and 4 suction cups at the bottom to help stabilize the machine during your session for your safety. Kuokel Vibration Platform is well-built, sturdy and durable, looks good with a sleek and modern design, offers a decent amount of power, runs quietly and gives different ways to exercise. You can certainly use it every day in addition to or without your regular workout and is best if you combine it with a healthy eating plan. We think that it is a great value workout item that we’re happy to recommend at the current price point.

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