KT20 2-in-1 Folding Upright & Recumbent Bike Review

KT20 2-in-1 Folding Upright & Recumbent Bike

KT20 -in-1 Upright & Recumbent Premium Folding Bike

KT20 2-in-1 Folding Bike is a premium compact fitness equipment that can be used in two modes of upright and recumbent for home gym or office use or wherever you want, but not in the commercial gyms. It first became available at Amazon.com on April 13, 2021.

It rides smoothly and quietly with the double belt drive mechanism, 3.3lb. flywheel and magnetic resistance. So you can adjust and choose from one of the 8 levels of magnetic resistance for different challenge levels depending on what you can handle at the time. It has a solid stainless steel frame despite its compact size and foldable design.

You can use it either in the standard upright or recumbent riding positions, the former for a more intense workout and the latter for a longer and more comfortable low impact session. With the adjustable height users between the heights of 4’11” and 6′ can use it comfortably as long as they don’t weigh more than 242 pounds (17 stones or 110kg). The 8 convenient adjustable magnetic resistance levels make this bike suitable for users at different ages and fitness levels.

The lower levels of resistance and cycling faster will be cardio training and the higher levels are for strengthening and toning your leg muscles. You can increase and decrease the resistance during your session or start out slow and move up gradually as you have a higher fitness level. It has an ergonomic design overall including a comfortable padded large seat with a backrest with premium foam to make you feel comfortable during your session and offer your back good support. The vinyl foam handles give your hands a solid grip and the pedals have the textured anti-slip surface for you to have a safe session.

KT20 -in-1 Upright & Recumbent Premium Bike

There is a small LCD digital monitor that is easy to read and that tracks the regular workout data including the calories burned, time exercised, current speed and distance traveled in km, ODOmeter as well as the heart rate via the handlebar sensors that you hold. You can check your workout intensity through your accurate heart rate reading and you can stay in your target zone to burn off calories more efficiently.

The package weight is 44.09 pounds and the dimensions are 45.87 x 17.72 x 9.06 inches. It measures 140 x 27.5 x 111cm as folded and 117 x 69 x 105.5cm as unfolded. With its conveniently foldable design you can fold it and move it away easily in a convenient spot in your house once you’re done with your daily exercise session. This foldable bike can be folded easily into just 10.8 x 55 inches, moved on its portable transport wheels to be placed under your bed, behind a door or in the closet. It comes with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer that is confident in their product quality and the customer service is available through your Amazon.com order page or their emails.

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