Knee Glide™ Knee and Shoulder Joint Rehabilitation Review

Knee Glide™ Knee and Shoulder Joint Rehab

Knee Glide - Knee and Shoulder Joint Rehab

Knee Glide by OPTP is a special knee and shoulder joint rehab workout tool with a simplistic design but robust build. It is designed for use in hip replacement, PCL, ACL and rotator cuff therapy. The current average score for this best seller at is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 658 people. And the date it was first available on the website was January 26, 2017.

You can train your shoulders and knees and offers a great therapy for those recovering from knee surgeries or replacement (the anterior cruciate ligament- ACL & the posterior cruciate ligament- PCL), shoulder surgeries or replacement including rotator cuff etc., hip fracture or replacement, strokes or arthritis. It lets you do supine, seated, flexion, adduction and abduction workout as it moves smoothly and safely on the track and will help you increase your joint mobility- range of motion and strength.

Knee Glide offers a low impact training that will help with the synovial fluid production in your body to help decrease friction in your joints and to enhance the blood flow after injuries or surgery. You can use it at home or wherever you want, including in clinics under the supervision of a physical therapist. Knee Glide measures 32L x 5W x 5.5H inches with the handle unfolded, weighs only 2.9 pounds and with its carrying handle you can take it anywhere you want easily. The training instructions for home use are included in the package.

Knee Glide - Knee and Shoulder Joint Rehab Tool

You just put your hand or foot on the plate for moving it back and forth easily on the track. You will not need to make much effort to glide it smoothly and you’ll get your low-impact training easily. By attaching the handle to the wall you will achieve stability when you’re working out. Brad Heineck and Robert Schrupp are two physical therapists that created it as a compact home therapy training product to help those that are trying to recover from shoulder or knee injuries or surgeries.

It is made in the USA and shipped quickly from a warehouse in the country. Please note that there is no adjustable resistance on this product, but does what it is supposed to do well- simple gliding. It is does the job well and is easy to use at home, will help you bend your knee without your foot sticking on floor, carpet or bed and will help you live without pain. It is a nice, simple and effective aid for you to do different movements. You will find videos by Bob and Brad online that show the benefits and how to use the product etc. If you’re not happy with this product for whatever reason you can return it within 30 days and you will get a credit. And judging by the positive product reviews it a very nice product that seems to be well worth the dollar.

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