KIRIOUL 3D Fitness Vibration Plate w/ Bluetooth & Resistance Bands Review

KIRIOUL 3D Fitness Vibration Plate

KIRIOUL Vibration Plate

Black KIRIOUL Vibration Plate is a German design upgraded 3D whole body power exercise equipment with an upgraded 200-watt motor for high frequency vibrations and 180 speed levels for burning calories, losing weight, toning and strengthening muscles.

As a recent release product there is a single review and rating at the moment at and that is 5 stars. It has the features like the smart chip control, smart protection, Bluetooth 4.0 and EDR wireless technology. This updated new release European design compact vibration platform is safe and stable with a robust structure, solid ABS material and purity rubber that also make it friendly to the environment.

It has an ergonomic design with a non-slip coating to help avoid any accidents during your session. The total user weight capacity is 350 pounds on its solid frame and measures 22.5 x 16.5 x 6.9 inches. With its compact size you can move it around for storage or to use elsewhere. The LED-backlit display panel tells you the current speed, time exercised and burnt calories. The smart remote control has the convenient adjustment mode, gear and switch. This remote needs to face the display panel and you can use it at a 2 meter distance.

The resistance training bands it comes with are great as a whole body home gym workout. Kirioul Vibration Plate is designed to help increase your metabolism, increase your bone density, tone and strengthen your muscles. It will enhance your blood circulation and the gentle vibrations will contract and stimulate your KIRIOUL Vibration Platformmuscles in your body. It may help increase your flexibility and range of motion, strengthen the myofacial release. By improving the ability of cell regeneration and repairing, you will feel better flexibility, increased motion and feel more comfortable from the start.

It will stop automatically after ten minutes of operation for you to not overdo it. After a bit of a break you can restart by turning it back on. With the 4 anti-slip rubber surface vacuum suction will help you avoid sliding during your session. The 200-watt power motor (110V, 0-30Hz frequency, 0-12mm amplitude) runs quietly without making much noise. With the integrated USB speaker you can listen to relaxing music or the songs of your choice. These vibration plates are tested for sturdiness and durability and and comfort level before going out on the market. They come with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and you’re purchasing it basically risk-free.

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