KINGTLE Resistance Band Bar Set, Portable Full Body 500LBS Extra Heavy Home Gym Review

KINGTLE Portable Full Body 500lb Resistance Band Bar Set

KINGTLE Resistance Band Bar Set

KINGTLE Resistance Band Bar Set is a portable and multifunctional whole body 500lbs heavy duty home gym equipment that comes with a 2-in-1 adjustable bar, 4 levels of resistance bands and a gym bag. It was first available on on January 9, 2022 and the average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 8 customers so far. 

The product measures L15.4 x W3.9 x H3.9 inches, the package is L16 x W8 x H2.7 inches and the materials used are natural rubber and thermoplastic elastomer- TPE. And you have the two color options of black or silver with currently a small price difference that you can view on Amazon. The detachable fitness resistance bar that you get in this set has the chrome plated aluminium alloy steel structure that is both lightweight, sturdy and durable for a total of 500 pounds of weight capacity. You have a better grip thanks to the anti-slip knurled design on the bar. 

The solid and durable 360-degree rotating strong alloy hanging ring is very solid and hard to break and lets you change the resistance bands easily. The resistance bands are made of natural latex with abrasion resistance, good elasticity, strong tensile force and thick design to make them safe and practical. They can be stretched to three times the original length and there are 4 levels of resistance on this training kit which make them good for beginner, intermediate or advanced level fitness people. You can use these resistance bands on their own or stacked in a combination for the best resistance levels that you’re happy with. 

This multifunctional full body resistance bar set can be used in different combinations for strength and flexibility training purposes to burn calories and fat lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles and feel better overall. With the resistance band, hooks and fitness bar you can do your bench presses, squats, flat lifts and other exercises to work on your biceps, triceps, glutes, leg muscles, chest, shoulders, back and abdominals- core section. The 4 resistance bands with different resistance levels are X-light between 15 and 35lbs, light between 25 and 65lbs, medium between 35 and 85lbs and heavy between 50 and 125lbs.

KINGTLE Resistance Bands

You’ll find the velcro straps in the package for storing these bands. The diameter of the fitness bar is 1.39 inches and as an adjustable 2-in-1 bar you can either have a two section 26.77-inch long bar or a three section 38.6-inch one for your different needs. The built-in bearing rotates 360 degrees easily and quietly, letting you adjust the bar. You also have the soft anti-slip rubber material on the handles and the neoprene pad protection and stable triangle structure on the hooks. 

You get the good quality accessories with this resistance bar kit that include the 4 natural latex resistance bands, a detachable fitness bar with the three part aluminium alloy sticks, 2 stainless steel hooks, a thickened door anchor, 2 non-slip handles and 4 velcro straps for the resistance bands and a gym bag to take this set wherever you go and train whenever and wherever you want. You will definitely see results like the increased strength and better body shape overall if you use this workout bar set regularly, like 20 mins a day. It is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can contact the customer service team with any queries or problems and they will try and offer you a satisfactory solution. 

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