Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair, Top Performance with SL-Track 6 Rollers Review

Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers 

Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-7300 is a superior massage chair with the SL-Track 6 rollers for a great massage performance. It is offered in black or black/dark brown & please see the Amazon product page for the price differences. The SM-7300 model was upgraded in Jan 2018 for a better remote control with the more user-friendly features, the triple hip airbags and the air intensity massage up to 5 levels.

You have 9 automatic programs via the remote controller, including the 4 special programs of Dynamic Sport, Senior Mode, Golfer and Office Person and the 5 auto programs of Athlete, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Fast Recovery and Yoga Stretching. You will enjoy an awesome massage in the Zero Gravity position with these 4 special auto programs mentioned. This high end massage chair applies different massage techniques including tapping, knocking, kneading, tapping & knocking and shiatsu massage on a fixed point on your body, or partial or whole body.

The massage that you get feels close to the human touch massage as it performs the job like a real person. The chair can accommodate very large or heavy adult figures as it has 3 more inches on the shoulders and hips. People that weigh up to 320 pounds and are up to 6’5″ can use it comfortably with the 21″ wide seat, 24″ wide shoulder and 12″ long leg extension. It has an enhanced space saving design with the better forward sliding mechanism that lets an easier transition with a clearance of only 3 inches needed off the wall. It will fit nicely anywhere in your house and you can align it with the other furniture easily.

The 6 massage rollers will feel like having 6 hands embracing your body during the massage. It covers your whole body very nicely with the advanced foot massage with heat therapy, air cell massage and the 6 rollers system. You’ll enjoy the most customized massage possible thanks to the acupoint body detection and 9 automatic programs. This is the latest SL track technology that follows your spine curvature from the neck to the lower back then down to the hips. It will also accommodate the average body sizes without them feeling the chair is too big.

The extra air-cell on the hip/thigh area offer compressions for helping with the alignment of the spine and relieving the pain on hips. The wrap-around squeeze foot massager is basically an upgrade that covers everything with the air cells inflating and wrapping around the top of your feet and calves. With the Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair Remote Controlacupressure points on the arm, air cells increase the the massage effect for a better blood circulation on your arms and hands. And the acupressure on the 6 main rollers will greatly increase the effect you feel from the massage.

As you can see in the photos there is a LED light on the side of the chair for a cool and relaxing touch and you can enjoy your massage in the dim light. The Zero Gravity position basically spreads your weight along the chair, reducing any stress on your body and letting you have a deep and intense massage. At fully reclined position your legs will be higher than your heart and you’ll feel the therapeutic effects better. This massage chair has a 230-watt maximum power with 110-120 Volts and 50/60Hz of frequency.

The chair is covered with a good quality faux leather, with vinyl on the outside and vinyl and polyester on the seat. The chair measures 38 x 32 x 69 inches fully extended + 12″ for the leg extension. Please note that there is no head massage and you’ll feel the effect up to your neck. The company upgraded the remote control and other features based on customers feedback over time. You will get a warranty of two years included with your purchase by the manufacturer for parts and labor. There is an extended warranty that you can get by calling the company as it is not offered through Amazon.com. It is an expensive massage chair but seems to be worth looking into if you have the budget.

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