Kacsoo Portable Folding Steam Sauna Tent with 2.2L 1000W Steam Pot Review

Kacsoo Portable Folding Steam Sauna Tent

Kacsoo Portable Steam Sauna Spa

Kacsoo Portable Steam Sauna is a foldable large spa tent unit that can be shared by two people and that comes with a 2.2L capacity 1000-watt power steam box, 9 temperature levels and a remote control. Being a very recent hot new release sauna spa tent, there is a single 5-star rating at Amazon.com at the moment.

Like with other portable sauna and spa products it is designed for detox, weight loss, skin care and relaxation purposes in the comfort of your home. There are two steaming foot holes in this larger, two people capacity spa tent that can be used for single body steaming, double steaming or single foot steaming. It will be especially good for those with busy schedules and a lot of work and other stress in their lives. They can come home and relax in this steam spa tent.

The temperature can be adjusted to 9 levels for up to a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the time between 0 and 60 minutes (and 0 to 95 mins with two time settings) for a great relaxation. You can either use the remote control or the buttons on the steam pot control panel to change the time and temperature. The 2.2L capacity steam box has the built-in security features like the anti-explosion, anti-leaking, anti-dry and auto power-cut protection. And you can have a peace of mind when you’re using this steam sauna product and have a lovely relaxing time at home.

Kacsoo Portable Steam Sauna weighs 8.18 pounds and measures 35.4 x 27.6 x 27.6 inches as assembled. It is a foldable and super portable steam sauna tent that can be folded up easily and put in the storage bag provided and stored under the bed, in the closet or wherever you want. It can be easily used in the small apartments and in any room of your house. You can set it up quickly without needing to use any tools and start using it after filling it with steam in just ten minutes or so. It is made of a cotton jacket inside and PVC material that is both waterproof and easy to clean.

Kacsoo Portable Steam Sauna Spa 1000W 2.2L

You can sit in this sauna all the way with your head in as well or stick your head out to read a book or play with your phone. In the package you’ll find the steam sauna tent, fumigation machine, built-in medicine pill box, a storage bag and a foldable chair. With the 1000-watt power output the steam sauna heats up pretty quickly to the temperature you set it to. You have two types of time control on this unit, 0 to 60 minutes and 0 to 95 minutes.

With the built-in medicine box you can use the Chinese herbal medicine or essential oils to enhance the experience and is a good tool for getting rid of fatigue and stress and improving your immunity. It can help improve your sleep quality and make your skin more beautiful- moisturize it and if you especially have dry skin you’ll see an improvement. It helps enhance the blood circulation in your body, increase your metabolism, burn off calories and fat, dilate small blood vessels, remove the accumulated toxins and more, by using the steam at a temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Please do not add any corrosive substances like essential oils or herbs straight into the steamer. At the current price level it is pretty good value for the money.

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