Jolisely Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Jolisely Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Jolisely Sauna Blanket, Infrared Sauna

Jolisely Far Infrared Sauna Blanket has a 650-watt power, smart remote control and safety switch. It is designed to help people lose weight, detox, relieve pain, relax and more. You can purchase it in orange or purple colors, at the same price.

By owning and using this this FIR- far infrared sauna blanket you will not have to go to the expensive saunas, especially with the Covid 19 risk around in pubic places. And as a good quality sauna product it should last you quite a while and save you dollar. It has a standard plug that works with the 110V US power outlets.

It comes with a safe dual zone control box that comes with the overheating protection that will shut it off when it senses the temperature to be higher than normal. You can adjust the two-step time and temperature (Output 1, Output 2). The ideal recommended temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius for you to get the best out of this sauna blanket. The maximum temperature is 80 degrees, but can be a bit uncomfortable. The blanket will heat up quickly to the desired temperature within just 5 minutes.

With the good quality materials used and the cover design it is good for spas, saunas, leisure clubs or home use. The interior is waterproof PVC material for no leaking and ease of cleaning and the exterior is great quality Oxford cloth. You are recommended to use it with the body wrap bag to achieve better results. You can just lie down in this blanket very comfortable, burn calories and lose weight. The reported health benefits include weight loss, reduced fatigue, better skin, improved sleep, relaxed muscles, detoxifying, relieved joint pain or muscle spasms and feeling better overall.

When you sweat in the conventional saunas most of what you lose is water and 2 to 3 percent is fat soluble toxins or cholesterol. But with a far infrared sauna such as this one 80%-85% is water and the remaining 15-20% is toxins, cholesterol etc. The control box has a 650-watt power and works with 110V of voltage (50Hz-60Hz frequency). Jolisely FIR Sauna BlanketJolisely Sauna Blanket weighs 13.23 pounds and measures 71L x 32W inches. In the box you’ll find the set mainframe, power wire, the sauna blanket, two fuses and an instructions menu.

The smart remote control works with a button battery, so it is not the wired variety that you see on the tent type saunas. The button battery needed for the remote control is included in the package and you don’t need to get another one. It is shipped fast, is well built and in good conditions, works as it should, comes with the built-in security features and delivers results. We think that the price is fair for what it is offering. You can contact the seller via the Amazon order page directly and they should get back to you soon. Please see the instructions on the Amazon product page for operation and security. Please do not use this blanket folded and you can’t fold it before cooling it down.

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