Itaar Portable Far Infrared- FIR Sauna with Foot Pad and Foldable Chair Review

Itaar Portable Far Infrared- FIR Sauna

Itaar Portable Far Infrared Sauna Spa FIR

Itaar Portable Far Infrared Sauna is a one-person sauna spa tent unit with a foldable chair and a foot pad. You have six color options to choose from- black & blue, silver & blue, silver & pink, black, coffee and silver, with the last three colors being steam saunas.

The Far Infrared Sauna has a 60-minute timer and the maximum temperature it can reach is 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65℃). The FIR Sauna comes with the far infrared carbon panels for quick heating, and you’ll be surrounding your body and face with the heat of the 3 low-EMF carbon heating panels. The interior of this far infrared sauna will be heated quickly in just 5 to 7 minutes with the power output specified at 630 watts (120V, 60Hz).

Itaar Portable FIR Sauna weighs 22.1 pounds and measures 30.7W x 28L x 28.6H inches, foot pad is 13 x 17.5 inches and the foldable chair is 16.9D x 27.6H inches. It has a compact size that is ideal for use at home and as a foldable and portable sauna tent, it can be conveniently moved from room to room or taken wherever you go in the boot of your car. The foldable strengthened blue chair this sauna comes with is both comfortable and robust to carry a maximum total user weight of up to 220 pounds. You may also use this solid foldable chair in other settings once you’re done with your sauna session for the day.

You can use it pretty much anywhere in your house and you do not need any special settings for it. You’ll find two open zippers at the front for keeping your hands out when you want to read a book or play with your phone or adjust the settings via the remote control. And there are two largish pockets sewn underneath these zipper openings for putting your small items like smartphone, tablet, magazine or remote control. There is a large zipper right in the middle for getting in and out of the sauna. It also comes with a foot heat pad that will help enhance the blood circulation (accelerate it) and speed up the relaxation.

Itaar Portable Far Infrared Sauna

This sauna will accelerate the blood circulation, detox your body- get rid of the unwanted toxins, help you relax, reduce fatigue and stress levels, relieve pain, and recover after a work out. You can just enjoy your book, movie or TV show while you’re sweating in this sauna and potentially losing weight slowly. It offers a much more affordable way of having an FIR sauna session with the same benefits that the fancy saunas offer. You can adjust the time and temperature settings through the wired controller.

With a power and energy efficient design it creates an economical sauna heating environment, whenever you want in the comfort of your home. The neckline design on this FIR Sauna stops any heat loss and maintains the hot air inside. Far Infrared rays in this compact sauna is much better than the heat in the full spectrum saunas as your body can absorb the FIR faster, just like in the baby incubators at the hospitals. Please note that this sauna is designed for indoor use only, not outdoors. You can fold this lightweight and compact sauna tent easily and effortlessly and put it away for storage when you’re not using it. But please make sure it had cooled down, prior to folding it. Please check the product page for the current prices of different colors and FIR or steam sauna options.

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