InvoSpa Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes- Handheld Deep Tissue Back Massager Review

InvoSpa Percussion  Handheld Deep Tissue Back Massager 

InvoSpa Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes

InvoSpa Percussion Massage Gun is a portable handheld electric deep tissue  back and whole body massager for athletes, for relieving the muscle pain and helping with the recovery after gym. It is a portable massage unit that you can take to the gym or when you’re going away.

You can use this rechargeable massager conveniently wherever you want. It has a comfy grip and you’ll be massaging the different muscles by holding it with a single hand. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and offers between 3 to 6 hours of operation depending on the intensity level you choose. The powerful and efficient, high torque brushless motor works very quietly at 35 decibels of noise and you can feel relaxed during the massage.

The six speed levels you can choose are between 2400 to 5200 pulses per minute. It is a good idea to combine the low and high intensity percussion massage for an easy and quick recovery after your heavy gym workout. The massage head attachment that is right for the body part you want to massage can be changed easily. You can target these muscle groups and body parts precisely by using the right head attachment.

It has a sturdy and durable heavy-duty construction that makes it feel stable at different intensity levels. The powerful motor offers deep penetration into the aching muscles and sore tissues. And you will feel the great relief and relaxation all over your body. It can be used for warming up pre-workout and for recovery post-workout. You can improve your flexibility and mobility by relieving the joint pain and sore muscles and myofascial release with the trigger-point massage.

It weighs just 2.5 pounds, has an ergonomic design with a comfy grip and is quite easy to operate. Please note that this is not a waterproof massager and is not intended for use in the wet or submerged in water. The battery percentage is not shown on the display but the indicator counts down from to 10 to 0, and 10 being full. The big round head is for InvoSpa Percussion Massage Gun Head Attachmentslarger muscle groups, small round head is for thin muscles, bullet head is for all joints, fork head is for the acupoint pain, key head is for the bones and the flat head is for the whole body.

If you are a sensitive person, have an injury or a bad back pain you can start out at the lowest setting and see how you’re doing. But under the normal circumstances to feel it working well you need to push the head attachment in. This is a lightweight, quiet, powerful and ergonomic massage gun you can use every day and the price tag seems fair. You’ll get a carry case in the package to put the massage gun and the attachments in it. The massager comes with a money back guarantee for 30 days if you’re not happy with it. You will either get it replaced or a full refund of the cost.

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