INLOVEARTS Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket with 2 Zone Controller Review

INLOVEARTS Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket 

INLOVEARTS Digital Far-Infrared Heat Sauna Blanket

Silver INLOVEARTS Digital Far-Infrared (Fir) Heat Sauna Blanket comes with a two-zone controller and has 7 efficient layers. These are far infrared, waterproof, shield, thermal, temperature control, heat and insulation layers. The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 2 customers so far, having appeared at only recently.

It can be used in a variety of settings, including your home or salons for relaxation, slimming, detox or therapy purposes. You need to unfold it completely for use and please wait for it to get cold before folding it. Using this unit for ten minutes is claimed to be equivalent to doing yoga for half an hour, riding a bike or swim for an hour, doing 100 sit-ups and lifting an average weight 100 times.

The exterior is the good good quality PU leather material which is the more flexible, breathable and more leather-like than the PVC and the interior is PVC material that is more durable and waterproof. PU leather on the other hand is not water proof but water resistant because of its polyurethane coating. It offers flexible stretching in different positions of sleep. You can adjust the temperature between 35 and 75 degrees Celsius and the time between 15 minutes to an hour.

When it reaches 85 degrees Celsius it will switch off automatically and stop heating with the temperature control electronic elements. The hot wire can withstand any bending or stretching. The far-infrared rays get into your body with the macromolecular vibrations and transform into heat energy. It helps increase the deep skin tissue temperature, enhance the blood INLOVEARTS Digital Far-Infrared (Fir) Heat Sauna Blanketcirculation, increase your metabolic rate, make you sweat, burn calories and lose weight. The remote control needs a button battery that you need to purchase separately. It has a 650-watt power (110V, 50-60Hz frequency).

9-14um of far-infrared radiation is released by the far-infrared fabrics that generate resonances with the same frequencies in your cells. With the thermal impact in your body, fat is changed into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen compounds. In the package you will find the main FIR instrument (2-zone Controller), sauna blanket, two fuses, and a pc power wire. Please see the operation and maintenance instructions on the Amazon product page. You can use it every day or two to three times a week and see the results. You will feel more relaxed and energized, apart from the claimed slimming or weight loss benefits. At the current price level we think that you’re getting a decent value for the dollar.

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