HUKOER Upgraded Far-Infrared (FIR) Digital Heat Sauna Slimming Blanket Review

HUKOER FIR Digital Heat Sauna Slimming Blanket 

HUKOER Upgraded Version Far-Infrared (FIR) Digital Heat Sauna

HUKOER Far-Infrared Digital Heat Sauna is a slimming blanket for helping you lose weight, shape your body, detox, relax and more. This upgraded version also offers a beauty therapy to your skin with the anti-ageing effects.

The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 29 users at the time of this product review. This best selling portable sauna product is offered as the Amazon’s Choice for infrared sauna blanket. You can purchase it in silver or pink colors with the latter roughly 20 dollars cheaper on the day of this page release. The benefit of FIR- far infrared rays is the way they can penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect. It is changed from light energy to heat energy.

Your capillaries and blood vessels will dilate with the thermal impact inside the deep tissues. Blood circulation is enhanced and the heat will help remove the toxins from your body. Your metabolic rate is increased to help with the weight loss process. The upgraded Hukoer IFR Sauna Blanket has the waterproof PVC with flexible tensile inside for different sleeping positions and the high grade PU material. Please note that the edges of the blanket will not be hot and the rest will be. This is a dual zone sauna blanket that works on both the back and front of your body to burn calories, lose weight, detox and relax.

The maximum temperature for this blanket should be 80 degrees. And please do not fold and heat as the temperature will go beyond 120 degrees. It includes the built-in security features like the auto disconnection in case of an abnormal situation. And the heating stops and the alarm goes off for one minute. Please do not use this blanket for more than half an hour at a time. And if you want to use it longer, just turn it off and let it cool down for a while before restarting to use it. You need to smooth out the blanket when it is heating to avoid the parts from sticking together. And after you turn it off please do not fold it before it gets cold.

The timer can be adjusted between 15 and 60 minutes and the temperature between 35 and 75 degrees Celsius. The sauna blanket unit has a 650-watt power, 110V-240V voltage and 50Hz-60Hz frequency. In the package you have the sauna blanket, a set mainframe, a pc power wire and 2 fuses. By using it regularly you can get rid of certain skin HUKOER Upgraded Version Far-Infrared (FIR) Digital Heat Sauna Featuresconditions. The blood and lymph circulation is enhanced by the radiant heat and the nutrients and oxygen will be absorbed efficiently. And this can help with the cellulites and the skin tone elasticity.

This is a two-zone blanket and you can also purchase a 3-zone blanket through the link on the Amazon product page. 2-zone means bottom and top sections can be controlled separately and the 3-zone gives you control for the lower, middle and upper parts. The battery that you need for the remote control is included with your purchase. This blanket measures 180cm x 80cm and shorter and taller adults can use it comfortably. If you have the hypertension above 180, cardiovascular problems or if you are pregnant please do not use this sauna blanket. It comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and you may contact the support team in case of any problems.

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