Hotsystem Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Hotsystem Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower

Hotsystem Home Water Rowing Machine 2

Hotsystem Wood Water Rowing Machine with the adjustable resistance and LED-backlit monitor is designed for a whole body cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home. November 24, 2020 is the date it was first available at and the average user rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 41 customers at the time of this post release.  

Hotsystem Water Rower weighs 62 pounds with an impressive total user weight capacity of 390 pounds and measures 20 x 82 x 23 inches with a 13L x 5.6W seat that is 12 inches off the floor. It will be fine for anyone with a leg length of less than 53 inches. The way you adjust resistance is by the amount of water you put in and by how hard you pull the handle. Like with other rowing machines on the market this premium wood water rower can also train around 84% of muscles, helping you burn calories and fat and strengthening and toning your muscles efficiently.

It has a sturdy and durable wood construction with the dark red wood finish that absorbs both the vibrations and sound, offering you a quiet and smooth workout. It comes with the front scroll transportation wheels that help you move the rower easily by lifting the tail and put it vertically against a wall. You can use the protective rower cover that is both waterproof and rustproof to keep the rust and water away from your rower. The smart LED-backlit display shows the workout indicators like the time exercised, calories burned per hour, distance traveled, current speed, minutes per 500m and will help you achieve your training goals faster.  

You will get it in two boxes which may arrive on different days and assemble it easily by following the instructions and using the tools included. And you can contact the customer service team with any queries you may have. Please make sure you get both boxes before starting to install the rowing machine. The first box will have the track (24lbs & 55 x 7.5 x 6.3 inches) and the secondHotsystem Water Rowing Machine Water Adjustable Resistance 2 box will have the water tank (53lbs & 29 x 23 x 20 inches). You also have a protective cover, a phone holder, an electric syphon pump and an assembly kit. There is a small blue dust agent bottle in the box that you put in water to make it look more like seawater.

The water blade is made of solid plastic and they will not bend or curve even after years of heavy usage. This wood water rower offers you a realistic feeling or rowing in a lake or a river with the relaxing sound of water as you pull the rowing handle with the anti-slip and comfortable grips that are abrasion and sweat resistant. Both the softer grip and the ergonomic internal flex will make you feel more comfortable during your rowing workout session. You have an oval button that you push down in the middle of the foot pedals and you can slide it up and down and lock it in where it suits you to adjust the footrest. 

Rowing workout gets your lower body muscles including glutes, abs- core section, chest, arms- triceps & biceps and back. It has an ergonomic seat with the cushion shape fitting the tail vertebrae and making you feel more comfortable. And this seat glides smoothly on the track and you can exercise longer without feeling discomfort. HotSystem Water Rower comes with a warranty for two years for the material defects, non-durable components or accessories. You can mostly return it within 30 days for a full refund if unopened. Overall it appears to be good value for the dollar with its robust and durable pressed wood construction, premium look and feel and quiet and smooth operation.

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