HIROLLOP Indoor Stationary Belt Driven Bike with Qiber App Review

HIROLLOP Indoor Stationary Belt Driven Bike

HIROLLOP Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike

HIROLLOP Stationary Indoor Bike is a sleek and modern cardio fitness equipment with a belt drive, a large flywheel, a smart LCD-backlit display, Qiber app connection, and pulse rate sensors. June 19, 2021 is the date this Hirollop Bike first became available at Amazon.com and it has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 2 users.

You can hook it up to the Qiber app and watch your workout apps online, simulate the outdoor riding experience and compete with friends. With this Qiber app you’re better motivated, can burn calories more efficiently and achieve your workout goals quicker. The LCD-backlit monitor shows you the standard workout data of calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and heart rate through the sensors on the handlebars. And you can achieve your training goals successfully.

It has the wool felt pads on the resistance brakes which make it a bit more resistant and quieter than normal. The wool felt brake system offers limitless resistance, doesn’t have a weird smell and works quietly without disturbing anyone in the house. You can rotate the tension knob to adjust the resistance, for an easier or more challenging workout. The seat is comfortable with a nicely padded cushion and the handles offer a nice grip. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted two ways- up and down and the seat four ways- up, down, forward and back. So you can have a more comfortable riding experience and will fit the users of different heights and sizes in your family.

Hirollop Stationary Bike measures 42.9L x 18.9W x 43.3H inches, with a seat that measures 9.8L x 7.9W inches and the tablet that measures 3.9L x 6.3W inches and a 17.7″ long handlebar. It has an ergonomic design and can withstand a user weight of up to 300 pounds on its robust frame. The users that are between the heights of 4’9″ and 6’1″ can use it comfortably with the adjustable seat and the handles as long as theyHIROLLOP Stationary Indoor Bike Features do not weigh more than the specified weight limit. You can put your water bottle in the holder just above the flywheel for accessing easily during your session and training comfortably.

In the package you get the indoor bike and the tools and accessories as well as a user manual with an installation video. There is a tablet/smartphone holder where you can put your iPad or phone. By watching videos or listening to music your training session is not boring. You can feel safe and comfortable on the soft and large saddle cushion, especially over the longer sessions. It is a solid and durable bike designed for non-commercial home or office use and not at the gyms by many people every day. This modern bike can help you burn off calories, increase your heart rate, help with fat and weight loss, strengthen and tone your leg muscles. It appears to offer good value for the dollar and we are happy to recommend it.

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