HEKA Indoor Stationary Spin Bike with 30lb. Flywheel Review

HEKA Indoor Stationary Spin Bike

Heka Indoor Spin Bike

Black HEKA Indoor Stationary Spin Bike is a modern home cardiovascular workout equipment with an LCD display panel, Bluetooth app, an adjustable comfortable seat and adjustable infinite levels of resistance. It has a single 5-star rating at the moment as a very recent, January 9, 2021 release fitness product. The bike is quite fun to use with the free Qiber application.

There is a smartphone/iPad holder just below the LCD-backlit display panel where you can put your device for entertainment during your workout session to be able to ride longer. The seat is nice and comfy with an ergonomic design and proper padding. You can adjust the resistance through the tension knob which is also used for bringing the stainless flywheel to a stop in case of an emergency. The resistance regulator has an ergonomic design for you to rotate it comfortably. It simulates a real road driving experience with the infinite levels of resistance. There is a water bottle holder in the middle for you to stay hydrated during your exercise session.

It runs smoothly and quietly thanks to its 30 lb. flywheel and its belt drive, certainly more than chain drive. You will not be disturbing your family, kids sleeping or neighbors. It has a thickened solid triangular steel frame with a decent 300lb. total user weight capacity and you can feel safe and stable during your workout. The LCD-backlit monitor shows you the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, pulse rate and ODOmeter that shows the distance from the first use of the bike. By focusing on the exercise stats you will be monitoring your progress to be able to get to the results you wish. The anti-slip handlebar can be adjusted two ways- up and down and the padded seat 4-ways (up, down, forward and back).

Heka Indoor Cycling Bike

The adjustable, continuous infinite levels of resistance will be good for users at different fitness levels- beginner, intermediate or advanced. And it is always a good idea to change the resistance during your workout to burn calories and fat better. It can help you lose weight by increasing your heart rate, burn calories and fat, improve your heart and lung function and get in shape. This spin bike is not foldable but you can just tilt and roll it out effortlessly on its transport wheels and put it away for storage. There won’t be any heavy lifting or strain on your muscles.

The textured pedals are anti-slip and cage shaped for better protecting your feet, keeping them in place and safe during your workout session- they won’t slide to the sides or forward. It is a solid and durable bike that is quite easy to maintain. Black Heka Indoor Spin Bike weighs 60 pounds and measures 38L x 18W x 45H inches. People between the heights of 4’9″ and 6’5″ can use it with the extended saddle support comfortably. The inseam height is between 25 and 35 inches for accommodating the users at different heights. For safety and use on uneven surfaces this Heka Spin Bike comes with the floor levelers. You can use it both indoors and outdoors as long as it is not exposed to rain etc. It comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and you can message the seller or customer service through your Amazon product order page.

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