Hasiman Elliptical Trainer with 500lb. Capacity Review

Hasiman Elliptical Trainer with 500lb. Capacity

HASIMAN Elliptical Exercise Training Machine

Hasiman Elliptical Trainer is a modern cardiovascular machine with a large flywheel and a sturdy construction for an impressive 500-pound total user weight capacity for home gyms. It first became available at Amazon.com on April 22, 2021 and is the 32nd best selling elliptical trainer on the website at the moment.

Piano black Hasiman Elliptical Trainer weighs xx pounds and measures 17.71 x 50 x 44.09 inches. It is a decent elliptical trainer that works quietly at a noise level of less than 30 decibels with a very quiet mechanical system. There are 8 levels of resistance which is standard for ellipticals or bikes as you know and these are real resistance or challenge levels that will push you at the higher levels. This will naturally depend on your fitness level or what you can handle at the time.

The LCD-backlit display shows you your standard indicators of calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, ODOmeter since the first use of this elliptical machine and pulse rate via the handle sensors for a precise heart rate reading. It is very easy to operate with a single red button by which you can view the indicators one by one. And your data will be recorded on the LCD screen. The readings on the LCD display are reported to be quite accurate, and almost the same as the machines that you’ll find in the commercial gyms. The foot pedal is 17.71 inches long, the stride is not very long but the resistance levels are quite good.

There is a tablet / smartphone holder where you can put your portable device for a bit of entertainment when you’re working out. And you shall be able to train longer, burn more calories and fat without getting bored or realising how the time flies. You have the bottle holder in the middle where you can put your water bottle for staying hydrated during your session. It has the wide anti-slip textured pedals for making you feel safe during your session. There are foot stabilizers to help prevent wobblingHASIMAN Elliptical Exercise Trainer effectively and improving the stability. It offers a decent low impact workout that will not be a burden on your knees, hips, lower back, ankles or feet when you’re exercising.

Hasiman Elliptical Trainer is a good quality, solid and durable fitness product that comes with a life-long warranty and post-sale customer service. And the customer support team will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have or if any defective or missing parts. The 15lb. flywheel helps with the quiet operation and the adjustable resistance. The package weight is 22.68kg and the dimensions are 53 x 8 x 7 inches. It is shipped partly assembled and you can do it easily in 15-20 minutes by following the instructions manual and the tools provided and even better with the help of a second person. You can feel safe and stable during your exercise session with its 500-pound total weight capacity which will cover a great majority of adults. It is rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 11 customers on Amazon.com on the day of this product review.

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