HAO TOO Portable Steam Sauna Tent with 2L Steamer Review

HAO TOO Portable Steam Sauna Tent

hao too portable steam sauna spa

HAO TOO Portable Steam Sauna Tent is offered as part of a total sauna kit and comes with a 2L capacity steamer, a foldable chair and a remote control. It is currently one of the best selling sauna products at Amazon.com but there aren’t any customer reviews yet.

This portable steam sauna is designed for burning calories and fat, slimming, relaxation, relieving fatigue and improving sleep quality, wherever you want in your house with its portable design. You’ll get all you need for your practical, functional and comfortable sauna sessions with this set. You can set it up and start using straight away after unpacking it. You have the boiler pressurization technology in the 2-liter steamer to control the temperature precisely by the multi-gear adjustment. This steamer heats up the interior of the tent and offer you a proper steam as well.

You have the option to put essential oils like lavender, vanilla or whatever you prefer for an enhanced steam sauna experience. The quick connecting frame is easy to install within just ten minutes or so and to disassemble once you’re done with your daily session. You will save on space and will be able to store it easily with its conveniently removable design. And you can have a great sauna experience wherever you want. The 2L steam pot has the digital panel that shows you the temperature and time countdown. You can turn it on and off through the remote control and also adjust the time and temperature the way you want.

hao too portable steam sauna spa bath

You can play with your phone or read a book by getting your hands out through the zipped holes when you’re having a nice sauna session, sitting on the large foldable chair. The cotton cover on this sauna tent has the waterproof layer and will help prevent any steam penetration. By spending about 30 minutes in this steam sauna tent you will probably feel totally relaxed. It is suitable for use throughout the year by all the members of your family. It doesn’t require any special set-up or assembly and can be stored easily in a convenient place.

The maximum steam temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit and will not cause burns on your skin. And it is important that you have some water after your sauna session for the water lost from your body through perspiration. If there is no water left in the steamer power will be turned off automatically. The steamer has the 304 stainless steel liner for no rusting. It has 1000-watt power with 110V-120V of voltage to be plugged into any standard US outlets. In the shipped box that weighs about 11 pounds you will find the sauna tent, steamer, a stainless steel bracket, two steam hoses, a herb box, a remote control and a foldable chair. The sauna tent measures 30.71 x 27.95 x 38.58 inches as set up and 8.66 x 12.60 x 27.56 inches as folded and the steamer is 8.86 x 7.87 x 9.05 inches.

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