GOFLYSHINE S300 Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with 35lb. Flywheel Review

GOFLYSHINE S300 Indoor Stationary Bike

goflyshine 35lb stationary exercise bike

GOFLYSHINE S300 is a modern stationary indoor exercise bike for a comfortable and efficient cardiovascular workout at home. It has a large 35-pound flywheel, felt fabric brake pad system, infinite friction resistance mechanism and belt drive and rides smoothly and quietly without disturbing people in your house or neighbors.

The average user rating for this popular hot new release spin bike is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 86 customers at the time of this post release. It first became available at Amazon.com on May 11, 2021. Please refer to the Amazon product page for slightly different options at slightly different prices. It has a heavy duty alloy steel frame that can have a total of 280 pounds of user weight and measures 39.37L x 21.26W x 46.06H inches with the height adjustable between 41.54 and 46.06 inches.

The belt drive and the infinite resistance keep you in a stable state during your workout. It is good for use by people of different ages and at different fitness levels. You have a realistic feel of riding on the roads on this smooth indoor bike with the 35lb. large flywheel that keeps the bike steady and safe during the riding and the infinite levels of resistance to let you burn more calories. The resistance level is adjusted via the tension knob in the middle which is also used as a push-down emergency brake for protecting you in case of an emergency.

The indoor bike is quick and easy to assemble with the instructions and the tools included. You’ll get an installation manual in the package that will help you with the assembly. It is easily done in just 10-15mins with just the seat, pedals, handle bars and the base involved. And you can move it around easily on its front-mounted transportation wheels by simply tilting and rolling it without any burden on your muscles. The handlebar with the integrated elbow and arm rests on this personalized workout bike is height adjustable for your comfort between 34.51 and 39.17 inches and the seat (10.24″ x 7.87″) between 41.54 and 46.06 inches that can also move forward and back.

It comes with a multifunctional 3.54″ LCD monitor with a single red button that shows the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised, and ODOmeter for the distance since the first use of this bike. You can get your workout data easily to stay in your target heart rate zone. The LCD display is battery powered and you don’t need to keep the bike near a power outlet,goflyshine 35lb stationary bike s300 which gives you a bit of flexibility. There is a large tablet holder behind this LCD display where you can put your iPad or Android tablet and a phone holder for smartphone for entertainment and distraction and you can work out longer.

You have two water bottle holders on both sides of the panel for you to stay hydrated during your session. This solid bike has the textured, anti-slip cage style pedals to keep your feet safe during your workout session. The large saddle on this bike has a proper padding and ergonomic design, it is breathable and comfortable and has the spring added buffer for enhancing your comfort level especially over longer sessions. It is a solid and stable bike with a triangular structure and good quality steel with a 280-pound user weight capacity and secure and steady riding. It comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day return policy. You can message their customer support team if you need any help with the product, operation or maintenance.

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