Generic MaxKare ‎4003 Stepper Elliptical Trainer Review

Generic MaxKare ‎4003 Stepper Elliptical Trainer

4003 Stepper Elliptical Trainer

Generic brand 4003 Stepper Elliptical Trainer is a 2-in-1 climber workout machine with magnetic resistance and an LCD-backlit digital display for a nice whole body cardiovascular workout at home. February 14, 2022 is the date this elliptical stepper was first available at and is ranked the 64th best selling elliptical training machine.

Black 4003 Elliptical Stepper weighs 83.6 pounds and measures 37.6 x 27.6 x 62.2 inches. The maximum recommended total weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg on its sturdy iron frame. This elliptical stepper has the 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust for the intensity level you need at the time. It works smoothly and quietly without disturbing you or others during your workout session thanks to the magnetic resistance and good size flywheel. 

You have the striding and stepping combined in a single intense motion in this 2-in-1 stepper elliptical trainer. The pedals can be pedalled back and forth with the target muscles of waist, legs and abdominals stimulated. You’ll get the benefits of a stepper, an elliptical trainer and a vertical climber. It comes with a 15.4-pound flywheel for doing your climbs and strides easily. The steel frame feels solid and reliable with the great welding technology and will not shake during your workout.

MaxKare 4003 Stepper Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer has a conveniently ergonomic design and is equipped with the large footplates, anti-slip foam grip handles, heavy front wheel and 3 piece cranks for comfort during longer sessions. The 3-piece cranks that keep the constant resistance on the X and Y axes and rotating without any dead zones as you step. When you grab the handles during your workout your upper body and lower body work together. The effect you feel on this stepper elliptical is a bit better than a regular elliptical trainer. 

The LCD-backlit digital display shows the regular workout indicators of time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned, current speed and heart rate via the sensors on the inner handles. It helps you monitor and scan your workout data and keep track of your progress for achieving the results you want faster. As you step on the pedals of this mountaineering machine alternatively one by one it will feel like walking upstairs. You’ll feel the heat and burning effect more on your body and your body fat will be reduced more effectively. But please note that if you have a joint pain or been suffering from knee injuries you’re recommended not to use it. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and you may contact the customer service team in case of any problems or issues.

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