FXNB- RM Fitness Magnetic Rower with 2.2lb. CNC Flywheel Review

FXNB RM Fitness Magnetic Rower w/ 2.2lb. CNC Flywheel

FXNB Magnetic Rower Machine Rowing 300 Lb

FXNB Magnetic Rower is a solid, durable, compact and foldable cardio fitness equipment with a 300-pound capacity, 2.2-pound CNC flywheel, 8 resistance levels and a smart LCD-backlit monitor for use at home or indoors. It was first available at Amazon.com on April 22, 2022 and is currently listed in the top 150 best selling rowing machines.

With the 2.2 lb. CNC flywheel you can expect a decent, challenging and effective cardiovascular and endurance training. And you have the customisability on this rower for your and other users’ needs. It has the commercial level, solid plastic sliding brackets on the aluminium rails for the seat to slide smoothly and consistently. With the very low noise level you will not be disturbing yourself, other people in the house or neighbours during your workout session. 

FXNB RM Fitness Magnetic Rower weighs 59 pounds with the dimensions of 80.3L x 18.9W x 31.5H inches. It has a solid aluminium frame for a 340-pound total user weight capacity. It looks quite nice and elegant with the nice combination of gold, black and silver mirrored flywheels. With a conveniently compact size there is no need to fold it and comes with the built-in transport wheels for being moved around and even into tight spots easily. And with the plastic pads attached the rower will not damage your floors.

The folded dimensions (in the vertical position) are 32.7L x 18.9W x 80.3H inches. The large molded seat with an ergonomic design to match the curves of your body measures 12.2 x 9.8 inches and has aFXNB Magnetic Rower Machine Rowing 300 Lb Capacity 3-degree angle. It also has the large, adjustable and anti-slip footrests that measure 11.8 x 4.4 inches to hold your feet safely during your workout. The padded handle offers an easy and comfortable grip especially during the longer sessions and keep your elbows at a good height for an efficient workout. 

You can adjust the magnetic resistance on this modern rowing machine to 8 real levels through the tension knob. It is a quiet and smooth rowing machine that is suitable for use by people that are up to 6’11” tall. The adjustable LED-backlit monitor can be cycled to show you the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and number of strokes. You can keep track of your training progress for achieving the fitness results you want faster. There is an additional device rack that you can put your smartphone and watch your workout videos and TV shows for a relaxing but effective workout. Overall it seems to be quite good value for money.

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