elifine 2021 Upgraded Portable Steam Sauna Spa Tent with 2.5L Steamer, 149℉ Max Review

elifine 2021 New Upgraded Sauna Portable Steam Sauna Spa

elifine 2021 New Updated Portable Steam Sauna

The 2021 model brand new and updated Elifine Portable Steam Sauna is a modern spa tent for one person’s use with 850W power, a 2.5-liter steamer device, 60-minute timer and 149-degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature. The current customer rating for this popular hot new release steam sauna tent is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 189 users at the moment.

You have the two size options for this steam sauna, one of which is 29.5 x 35 x 40.3 inches and the larger version is 31.5 x 31.5 x 40.6 inches. And your color options are blue, black purple, blue gray, black blue, blue gray and pink gray. In the box you’ll get a 2.5L steam generator device, a remote control and a foldable chair apart from the portable steam sauna. There is also a pill case that you can put herbs or essential oils in for relaxing aromas, to be able to enhance the detoxing and relaxation effect.

It would work as a nice, portable and functional relaxation unit in the comfort of your home. It is something that could save you from paying for the entry fees for commercial saunas or steam rooms. It will help you with relief from fatigue and stress, get rid of the pain in your muscles and speed up the recovery after a tough workout at the gym. It is a compact single piece sauna for one person use and you can unfold and set it up or fold it up easily without connecting the poles. The material used on the tent is good quality satin and polyester which are waterproof and will help you avoid any steam penetration and loss of heat inside. This sauna tent is easy to clean by wiping with a piece of cloth or towel and dries fast.

You’ll get it in a sauna carrying bag and you just take it out and unfold it and follow the simple directions. The interior of the tent heats up quickly in just ten minutes or so. The temperature and time can be adjusted both through the remote control and the steamer control panel. The temperature can be adjusted up to 149 degrees (65 degrees Celcius and 9 levels) and theelifine 2021 New Updated Portable Steam Sauna 2.5L time up to 60 minutes. You will sweat heaps in just half an hour or so at the temperature setting of 6 to 7 (the highest being 9). You can release your hands through the two front hand openings of this steam tent, on both sides of the main zipper. You can play with your smartphone or read a book while having a relaxing steam sauna session.

The reported benefits of a steam sauna session in this tent include the toxin and garbage elimination, improving blood circulation, detoxification, enhanced sleep quality and eased insomnia, relieving pressure points in your body, accelerating metabolism, burning calories and fat, losing weight and keeping fit and healthy. It has an 850-watt power and 110-130V voltage to be plugged into the regular power outlets. In the package you’ll find the steam sauna tent, the steamer, a remote control, a medicine case, a mat, a foldable chair and a user manual. Please put the mat included on the floor below the tent and not inside it. And you can just wipe the sides and the bottom with the towel you use on your body, unzip the zipper and let everything dry.

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