Ejoyous Digital Far Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket Review

Ejoyous Digital Far Infrared(FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket 

Ejoyous Sauna Blanket, Digital Far Infrared Sauna

The digital FIR- Far Infrared Sauna by EJoyous is a heat sauna blanket designed for detox therapy, slimming- burning calories, weight loss and body shaping, anti-aging beauty therapy and relaxation for use at home or professional salons.

EJoyous FIR Infrared Sauna has been released only very recently and is already one of the best selling sauna blankets at Amazon.com. It has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars but there are only a couple of ratings so far. You can purchase it in purple or wine red colors with only a dollar price difference for the latter.

This sauna blanket produces heat with the infrared ray and will help increase your metabolic rate, enhance blood circulation in your body, make you sweat and remove moisture, burn fat, get rid of the toxins and tighten skin and more. It comes with the built-in security features like the abnormal temperature detection (heating wire and thermal) and it will turn off heating and disconnect the power circuit once it detects the temp to be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. And the beep sound will go off for about a minute.

Ejoyous sauna blanket will also stop in only 0.01s when there is a leakage or lower or higher voltage than normal, with the security protection switch. It can be connected to any standard US power outlets (110V) and the controller needs a CR2025 battery. The high quality waterproof soft Oxford fabric material used on this sauna blanket is odorless and offers long life- durability. With the flexible tensile capabilities you can use it comfortably in different sleeping positions. Ejoyous Sauna Blanket, Digital Far Infrared Heat SaunaThe shipping weight is 13.89 pounds and the blanket measures 70.9 x 31.5 inches as unfolded. And please do not fold it when it is heating or till it gets cool after you’re done with your sauna session.

It has a wide range of uses by different people, including by postpartum women, those on rehab therapy, or for weight loss purposes in spas, leisure centers, salons or at home whenever they want. It will make you sweat very well and get your heart rate up, eliminate the toxins in your body, relieve the fatigue and keep you in shape. You have the time and temperature indicators on the sauna blanket instrument, along with the memory function. So it is quite convenient to use. In the box you’ll find the blanket, the main blanket instrument, a remote controller, a fuse wire and a user manual. It is a good quality FIR sauna blanket with the upgraded security features that appears to be good value for the dollar.

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