Dynamic Saunas Bellagio 3-Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna Review

Dynamic Saunas Bellagio 3-Person Low EMF FIR Sauna

dynamic saunas Bellagio 3-Person Sauna FIR EMF

The 2021 model Bellagio by Dynamic Saunas is a 3-person capacity natural hemlock wood, low EMF FIR- Far Infrared sauna with 9 carbon heating elements, 2200-watt power and bronze privacy tempered glass door with the side windows. It is shipped in 3 boxes from a warehouse in the US.

There is a single 5-star rating at the moment on Amazon for this 2021 model product and many positive reviews on the Dynamic Saunas website. It comes with a music system with Bluetooth and the two dynamic speakers with pre-amp. Please note that radio is not included in this music system. You have the LED-backlit control panel both in and out of the Bellagio Sauna. It has a tempered glass door with great insulation, a roof vent and reading and chromotherapy lighting system inside and accent lighting outside.

Dynamic Bellagio weighs 390 pounds, measures 56W x 40D x 68H inches inside and 60W x 44D x 75H inches on the outside with a 4.4 inches of roof overhang. It is very sturdy and durable being made of natural hemlock wood that also offers great insulation. With a 110V of voltage and 20amp it can be plugged into the regular power outlets. Please consult a certified electrician for the installation. The clasp together type assembly is easy to do by following the instructions and using the tools in the box.

The 9 low EMF FIR carbon heating panels are located in different parts of the interior- 1 under the bench, 1 on the floor board, 2 on each side walls and 3 on the rear wall. It has the 6mm wood planks inside and outside and the 1.13″ inner frame. You can relax and improve your health in this great sauna without needing to leave the comfort of your home. The Far Infrared Rays from the carbon heating panels will penetrate your skin and get rid of the toxins, enhance the blood circulation, decrease pain on the joints or muscles, help you burn calories and fat over time and enhance your skin tone.

It has the latest technology and works with great energy efficiency as it is built with the environment in mind. The walls on this sauna have the double panels that are very thick inside and with wood planks on the exterior, much better than what is available in the sauna industry. It is a very good quality sauna with a premium look and feel and that keeps the heat very well, heating up quickly without using muchdynamic saunas Bellagio 3-Person Sauna electricity. As compared to the ceramic tubes used in other saunas, the FIR carbon heating panels are 30% bigger and will penetrate the skin 40% more, to offer you more benefits. They heat up the interior of the sauna 100% quicker than the water steam and rock saunas.

Dynamic Bellagio FIR Sauna is very easy to operate, heats up to 152 degrees within 45 minutes and offers very good value for money. The heaters below the bench and floor are low wattage and will offer the treatment and health benefits without burning your feet and legs. The Bellagio Sauna is very nicely built with superb craftmanship and you do not need to worry that you won’t get what is promised. There is no doubt you will enjoy this great quality sauna. You should be able to set it up one to two hours depending how skilled you are at installing things. It first became available at Amazon.com on April 27, 2020 and is on the market with the upgraded 2021 model. It is offered with a warranty of 5 years for the most parts and 3 years for some of the parts.

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