Dynamic “Andora” 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna, AMZ-DYN-6202-03 Review

Dynamic “Andora” 2-Person Low EMF FIR Sauna

Dynamic Andora 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic “Andora” is a low EMF FIR- Far Infrared Sauna with a two person capacity, that is made of Canadian Hemlock. It is one of the most popular, best seller fancy home saunas at Amazon.com with an average customer satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 27 users.

Please note that this is an expensive and heavy item and will be delivered curbside outside your house. And if you wish to have it in a specific part of your house you need to arrange the delivery by a third party provider. This high end home sauna comes with the 6 dynamic carbon heating panels with 1 under the bench, 1 on the floor (industry leading foot heater), 1 on the left, 1 on the right and 2 on the back wall.

Please note that these are all low EMF Far Infrared panels. The solid wood construction on this high end sauna is the natural reforested Canadian hemlock as part of its environmentally friendly design. You have a clear tempered glass door and side windows. The walls on the sauna are double paneled and have the thick 6mm interior and exterior wood planks with the 1.13″ inner frame. It is a very good quality sauna that heats up much quicker and retains the heat inside. This way it offers energy efficiency and saves you on your bills.

You’ll feel a softer heat that is evenly distributed in a larger area all over the sauna. This is provided by the 30% larger panel heaters than the ceramic tube saunas and with the ability to penetrate your skin 40% more, to get the most benefits. And these carbon heating panels do not need to get replaced, so they save you money in two different ways. It runs at a lower safer temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit rather than the 200+ on the conventional rock and steam saunas. The maximum temperature achieved is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can stay inside longer and enjoy the experience better and with the enhanced health benefits.

Chromotherapy lighting system on this premium sauna uses the colors and lights to adjust the vibrations in your body to achieve the frequencies for better health and balance.You can use the external and internal soft touch control panels with the LED displays to adjust the time and temperature. The Andora Dynamic Andora Low EMF FIR Saunahas the integrated MP3 aux connectivity with the decent speakers for you to listen to soothing music during your sauna session, to help you relax better. It can be connected to any regular 110V 15 amp power outlet without needing any special wiring.

Dynamic Andora Sauna (AMZ-DYN-6202-03) weighs 319 pounds and measures 47W x 43.1D x 74.4H inches and you need two inches for the roof overhang. It can be assembled in under an hour easily by following the instructions in the manual and this will be shorter if you have a second person helping. Where you install the sauna in your home is not very important, it can be on the carpet, in the garage, basement, walk-in closet, fitness room or master bathroom. The heat stays in the sauna and does not move outside into the room. If you want some heat in the room, please open the vent on the roof.

You can’t use this sauna outdoors but in your garage or basement with more volatile ambient temperatures. The sauna will work fine thanks to its solid construction with great insulation but will need more time to heat up. There are a variety of potential health benefits of using such a sauna, such as calorie burning, detox, enhanced blood circulation, joint and muscle pain alleviation, better and healthier skin tone, lowered blood pressure and more. If you wish to use a surge protector please use one that would work with the 120V and 15 amperes. If you move house you can disassemble it easily with its buckle type connections in ten minutes or so. And all Dynamic Saunas are offered with a minimum of five years of warranty.

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