Dynamic Alicante 1-2-person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna Review

Dynamic Alicante 1-2-person Bio Ceramic FIR Sauna

Dynamic Alicante 1-2 Person Bio Ceramic FIR Sauna

Dynamic Alicante is a bio ceramic FIR- Far Infrared Sauna by LifeSmart with a 1 to 2 person capacity. It has an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 41 users. Being quite a large and heavy item it is a curbside delivery- will be delivered outside your house.

You need to make arrangements with a 3rd party shipping company for the white glove delivery to a room of your choice before the delivery. Alicante FIR Sauna is shipped unassembled and you can get it through the normal doorways easily as you need to put the pieces together yourself. It is fairly easy to assemble even if you don’t have the installation skills.

There are 4 dynamic bio-ceramic heaters in this unit, with one under the bench and three on the back wall. And you can expect temperatures beyond 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 1 or 2 people can sit in it comfortably if they are not big size. It is a great quality, sturdy and durable product that is made of the natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood. There are 6mm thick wood planks inside and outside with a 1.13″ inner frame. Alicante has a clear tempered glass door and side windows.

It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors as long as you have a roof above. The lighting system is the standard fixture reading light, not chromotherapy lighting. If the heat panels in this FIR sauna stop working you can get the replacement panels directly from the factory. They are easy to replace, by simply unbolting and unclipping. he Alicante weighs 250 pounds and is 6′ 1/4″ tall as assembled. You’ll be fine with a standard 8 foot ceiling and will have plenty of clearance.

dynamic alicante far infrared sauna

It doesn’t take long to heat up and should be at around 110 degrees within 15 minutes. This and the maximum temp it will reach depends on the temperature of the room you put it in. 125-130 degrees is often plenty for a decent sauna session. The control panel that you see outside is also available inside with the same functions. So you don’t have to adjust the settings- lights, time, temperature etc. through the outside panel.

You also have the speakers for an MP3 player for your entertainment or relaxation. The speakers are reported to be very good and you can get the TV remote to work through the sauna window. Please make sure you pre-heat it for about 15 minutes before you go in for a sauna session. Far infrared rays are milder than a steam or hot sauna as it gets deep into your skin and warms you from the inside. You’ll be sweating nicely without feeling very hot on your skin. Your mind will feel clearer and you’ll be rejuvenated overall, rather than tired. Your flexibility and range of motion will be improved. Overall it makes a great home recreation and relaxation unit.

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