Durherm Portable Personal  Home Steam Sauna Therapeutic Spa Review

Durherm Portable Personal  Home Steam Sauna

Durherm Portable Personal Therapeutic Spa

Durherm Therapeutic Portable Steam Sauna is a personal size product for great relaxation, detox, losing weight and slimming purposes in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to use it. You can get this white/grey portable steam sauna unit with a blue outline or a pink outline depending on availability at Amazon.com.

With a removable frame it is very easy to assemble and disassemble for relocating and storage. Durherm Steam Sauna weighs just 10.2 pounds with the measurements of 28.5 x 34 x 39.2 inches as assembled. It comes with an 800W steam generator with a convenient timer that you can set up to 60 minutes. There is an opening for your head and two zipped openings that let you get your hands out when you want to use your phone or tablet or read something.

It is very easy to operate and use whenever you want and gives you a complete sauna experience despite its compact and portable design. This is a good quality steam sauna with a unique design that brings the customer great benefits at a fraction of the cost of a regular sauna or steam room. You can use it at home or wherever you wish to use with the features of the large and expensive saunas. Filtered water for the steam and a towel are the extra items you need to use. The  cotton cover with a waterproof layer helps avoid steam penetration.

It is also quite safe to use with the separate steam generator outside the sauna area. The steam generated is 113 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 C. You are welcome to use essential oils for a much nicer sauna experience. You can assemble the inside frame in just a few minutes with the diagram and instructions included. Then you just put the cover on the frame. You can wipe any condensing water produced inside easily with a towel. Please ensure the steam tube is put straight and not bent. And if you see that it isn’t straight you just switch off the power and wait for them to cool down properly prior to placing them straight.

In the package you will get a steam generator, a foldable steam sauna tent with a set of PVC support tubes and a user manual. You need a standard US 110 Volt power outlet to plug the steam generator in. If you have any relevant health issues or if you’re pregnant please do not use a sauna and ask your healthcare provider. Please note that this is not for  Durherm Portable Personal Therapeutic Spa Steam Generatormedical use and it won’t help with treating or curing certain health conditions. It is designed mainly for relaxation purposes and increasing the metabolic rate and helping burn calories and perhaps losing weight.

For using it in the shower, there are electrical wires connected to the unit that can present some risk but please see the product page for any adjustments. You can breathe the steam if you keep your head in the tent or you can stick your head out through the head opening. Please make sure you have towels at the bottom of the steam sauna for the steam and sweating. But it is enclosed all over in the quilted material and there won’t be any leaking. It wouldn’t fit in a bathtub, but you can use it on any type of floor, wood laminate or thick carpet. It is recommended to clean the steam sauna after each use to keep it in great condition for a long time.

You can use a piece of cloth and a spray bottle of lysol or any disinfectant to wipe the interior down after each time you use it. It is a budget priced sauna with minor drawbacks like not being foldable or easy to store. It just take a few minutes to heat up and fill it with steam as you put a towel at the top. You can choose to keep your whole body and head in or keep it out. It can get really hot inside after a while to the point that you can burn yourself. But you can open the slits to adjust the heat manually. Auto cut-off feature would be nice when the water runs out. Please do not leave water inside the container after you’re done with your sauna session as mold can grow inside. It is a very good purchase overall and you will certainly get your money’s worth.

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