Durasage Personal Ultra Low Emf Portable Infrared Sauna Spa, DIF-5000 Review

Durasage Ultra Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna , DIF-5000 

Durasage portable infrared sauna low emf

Black Durasage DIF-5000_BLACK is a premium grade ultra low EMF portable infrared spa sauna for home use with 900-watt power (120V, 60Hz), a handheld remote control and 30-minute timer. It comes with the foldable chair that you see in the photo and a heated footpad.

You can use it for burning calories and fat, losing weight, detox and relaxation purposes. This specific Durasage model FIR sauna has the lowest rated EMF/EMR among the competitors. It is a portable sauna and you can save yourself some space by folding it up and storing it away when you’re not using it. The heated pad is built into the sauna and you can control it via the remote control. There is a foldable sports chair in the package that will come in handy.

It is a comfortable sauna overall and you can use your tablet or smartphone when you’re relaxing or burning calories in the sauna. The reason this portable Durasage is priced higher than the competitors is it comes with some great features like the super low EMF/EMR and the build quality. We also quite like the black color that gives this infrared sauna that premium look. There are two pockets (one big and one small) at the front of this sauna where you can put your book, TV remote, magazine or other items you want easy access to.

Durasage DIF-5000 weighs 28.4 pounds and measures 32 W x 33D x 41H inches and would give you a bit more extra space than the other portable saunas. It is still quite small as folded and won’t occupy much space in storage. It is very easy to fold and unfold in just a minute. There are three high-end super conductive heaters with the very thin carbon fiber heating element. The EMF is measureD in milligaus (mg) and it is between 0 and 15mg on the panels. But you will not be sitting next to them and it will be below 5mg in the middle where you’re sitting.

The range of the heat panels’ surface temperature is between 104 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit with the 9-degree increments. The air in the sauna will get to more than 110 degrees (43 degrees Celsius), which is plenty for most people. The time can be adjusted with the increments of 5 minutes between 5 and 30 minutes. It is built quite sturdy and durable with the tough materials to be used for many years to come. You can put your head and hands out through the zipped openings when you want to play with your phone or read.

Durasage Personal Far Infrared Low EMF Spa Sauna

Please keep the two zipped arm openings shut when you have your hands inside, to keep the hot air in. There are 6 auto time options that you can select or adjust via the remote control. In the package you’ll find the FIR sauna, foldable chair, heated footpad, foam floor-pad, wired handheld controller and two washable cloth collars. The chair is also better quality than what we have seen with other saunas so far and has a total weight capacity of 220 pounds or 100kg.

It is easy to clean as you just unzip it through the middle for letting fresh air in and cool, wipe down any perspiration on the chair or inside the unit with a damp cloth. It is a very good quality portable sauna with a premium look and feel, works very well, just as promised and most of the customers that purchase it seem to be happy with the experience. *Benefits of using a sauna and more specifically an infrared sauna include recovery after a tough workout, relaxation, enhanced blood circulation, pain relief, decreasing tension and fatigue, detox and weight loss (over regular use).

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