Dr Home Stationary Gym Spin Bike with 22lb. Flywheel Review

Dr Home Stationary Gym Spin Bike

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Dr Home Spin Bike is a professional grade cardio fitness equipment with an LCD display panel and device holder for indoor use for exercising in the comfort of  your home or office without needing to go out in adverse weather conditions, and also if you don’t have a lot of time from your work or other daily life duties.

It has a robust and durable construction with a steel frame and good quality components. You have the black (A, C, H models), blue (A), red (B, C, D, E, G) and silver color options with slightly different designs and price tags that you may want to view on the Amazon product page. It has a good size 22 lbs flywheel and belt drive for a smooth and quiet riding experience and to keep this spin bike steady and secure. The momentum of this reasonably heavy flywheel also simulates the experience of riding a bike on the road.

You can enjoy your intense aerobic or cardiovascular workout in a rather stable position. The total maximum user weight capacity is 270 pounds on its robust steel frame. And you shouldn’t have any worries about the stability. You have the continuous infinite levels of resistance that can be adjusted through the tension dial in the middle. This will also let the bike simulate a real road experience for you. A3 steel is replaced by M10 steel for more solid and rigid structure, making it fit for intense and high resistance riding.

The seat is fairly large with the measurements of 10L x 8.6W x 2.3H inches and comfortable with an ergonomic design. And the height can be adjusted four ways- up and down, forward and back for your comfort, making this bike more suitable for the longer rides without affecting your comfort level. The handle can also be adjusted two ways- up and down along with the dr. home indoor stationary bike lcd displayseat, to also accommodate taller and shorter users. The small smart LCD-backlit digital monitor displays the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed and ODOmeter for the total distance since the first use of this bike.

These accurate computer calculations and readings are good for helping you monitor your progress, to do better and to get to your targets quicker. You can use the solid tablet PC stand for your small laptop, tablet and smartphone and listen to your favorite songs, watch fitness videos or shows during your workout. So that you can exercise longer and burn more calories and fat over time, lose weight and achieve results quicker. It is shipped partly assembled and you should be able to do it in just 15 minutes if you have someone in the house helping you out with the assembly. It first appeared at Amazon.com in October 13, 2020 and we can’t see any customer reviews yet, but it looks promising for this bike judging by the sales as well.

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