DoCred Portable Personal Steam Sauna Tent with Chair, 1000W 2L Steam Pot Review

DoCred Portable Personal Steam Sauna

DoCred Portable Personal Sauna

DoCred Portable Personal Sauna is a home steam spa tent for indoor use with a foldable and portable design and 1000-watt power (110V, 60Hz). It comes with a steam pot, a remote control, a foldable chair and a foot rest.

It is a brand new release sauna product that first appeared at on October 13, 2020. Your color options are purple, red or silver. This personal steam sauna tent comes with a 2 liter capacity good quality steam pot and 800-watt power heating element to preheat in a short time. It comes with the built-in security features like the anti-leaking, anti-dry, explosion proof and auto shut-off protection.

This personal home steam spa tent has the satin and polyester fiber material that is waterproof and great for heat insulation to help stop any heat loss. It will let you enjoy the same sauna experience in the comfort of your home, whenever and wherever you want. It has many reported health benefits, including calorie and fat burning, weight loss, enhanced blood circulation, reduced stress levels, relieved fatigue, improved sleep quality, skin care and detoxification.

You can adjust the time and power easily on this steam sauna tent through the control panel on the steam pot and the remote control. You can set it up between 10 minutes up to 80 minutes and the maximum temperature you can set it to is 65 degrees Celsius. The cotton jacket with the waterproof layer on this sauna tent helps stop the steam penetration. There are DoCred Portable Personal Steam Saunatwo zipper openings will give freedom to your hands to let you read a book, play with your smartphone or use remote of the sauna or the TV etc.

In the package you’ll find the sauna tent, a steam pot, a remote control, a chair and a mat. With a quick folding and portable design you can just take it out of its tote bag and start using it. It has a single piece design and compact in size and lets you set it up quickly. The tent measures 31.5 x 27.6 x 38.5 inches (20 x 19 x 21cm) and the steam pot is 7.9 x 7.5 x 8.3 inches (80 x 70 x 98cm). The PVC bracket gives you stability and there is a zipper inside and outside for convenient use. The steam will not cause any problems on your skin or other issues even at the maximum level. And you’re recommended to rehydrate your body by drinking water. Overall it seems to be good value for the dollar.

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