Dabliz Group Generic Air Indoor Rower with Wind Resistance, HTYEG2206 Review

Dabliz Group Generic Air Indoor Rower

DABLIZ GROUP Machine Air Indoor Rower

Generic model Air Indoor Rower (HTYEG2206) by Dabliz Group is a portable and foldable home fitness equipment with the wind/air resistance for unisex adult use at home or office, but not in the commercial gym settings despite having a robust construction and high total user weight capacity.

This air indoor rowing machine has a large flywheel and a spiral damper that is good for adjusting the flywheel’s airflow. And the noise is reduced with the special flywheel design. With the nicely padded molded seat and the adjustable pedals it is quite comfortable. The pedals have the textured anti-slip surface to keep your feet in place and safe. It has an alloy steel frame for a decent total user weight capacity of around 220kg or 500 pounds. 

This high end rowing machine offers you a decent whole body workout that gets up to 84% of your muscles involved. It can help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles and keep fit overall, making you feel better both physically and mentally. It trains your legs, abdominals- core section, arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders, chest and back. It may be useful for those of you recovering from a surgery or an injury or preparing for a competition as well.

DABLIZ GROUP Generic Machine Air Indoor Rower

With the one second quick resistance adjustment it is good for use by the people at different fitness levels and ages- it is also suitable for use by the senior adults. The seat is about 20 inches off the ground for easy mounting and dismounting if you have the mobility issues. It has a special wear, corrosion and impact resistant steel transmission chain and that can handle a high load and offer the user a smooth and stable rowing experience. 

Black Generic Air Rower by Dabliz Group measures 2440 x 610 x 850mm as assembled and 610 x 400 x 1450mm as unfolded. With its conveniently foldable design you can move it around easily in your house on its solid transportation wheels at the front. April 18, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is listed in the top 75 best selling rowing machines at the moment. It has an LCD-backlit monitor that shows the calories burned, distance in meters, time rowed, strokes per minute, total strokes, watts and heart rate if you connect it to a pulse rate monitor. Overall it appears to be very good value for money and we’re happy to recommend it.

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