Cycool Pooboo W268 Magnetic Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Cycool Pooboo W268 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Cycool Recumbent Magnetic Indoor Exercise Bike

Cycool Pooboo W268 is a a heavy duty and modern recumbent magnetic stationary indoor bike with a robust frame and construction, belt drive, adjustable magnetic resistance and a smart LCD-backlit display for home use. Having appeared at on November 1, 2020 it has only a single 5-star rating on the website so far.

You can purchase it in black & silver or yellow, with a 20-dollar price difference at the moment.  The prices may change occasionally and you may want to check the current ones on the product page. Cycool Pooboo W268 weighs 50.7 pounds with a total user weight capacity of 300 pounds and measures 23.6 x 53.9 x 40.1 inches. You can adjust the 8 levels of magnetic resistance on this recumbent bike by turning the black tension knob in front of you. And the multi-tank belt drive and the magnetic control system will offer you a quiet and smooth cycling experience.

The large smart LCD-backlit digital display is easy to read and manage with a clear screen and the standard indicators of distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised, ODOmeter and Scan that moves between each of these every 9 seconds or so without you pressing anything manually. There is an iPad and smartphone holder just below the display and your device will cover the display when you put it on. You can watch workout videos, listen to music or check your social media while exercising and you’ll get to exercise longer with the distraction. The large LCD screen is easy to read especially by the senior adults.

People that are between the heights of 5′ and 6’5″ and that weigh up to 300 pounds can use this recumbent bike easily. Both the large and soft seat (12.6″ x 11..8″) and the backrest (12.8″ x 16.1″) are quite comfortable as you can tell from the product photos. They are sweat-resistant and breathable and they support your back and hips nicely, giving you the right body posture during you workout. The seat Cycool Recumbent Magnetic Indoor Bikecan be adjusted for distance from the handlebar (inseam of 2’4″ to 3’2″), but the handle is fixed. It is not a foldable bike but can be relocated easily on its front transport wheels. You’ll get the assembly tools and the instructions in the package and it is easy to set up.

It is offered with a 12-month warranty for parts replacement and the customer support team will get back to your queries within 24 hours. The main advantage of a recumbent bike such as this one over an upright bike is it offers a lower impact workout that will protect your joints, knees and ankles and lower back and you’ll be less likely to experience injuries. You can adjust the seat forward and back very easily while you’re sitting on it. It comes with the stabilizers underneath and you can level the bike and keep it even on different grounds. Younger and older people at different fitness levels can use this recumbent bike comfortably and it is especially good for the senior adults. Although it is a solid piece of fitness equipment you can’t use it in the commercial gym settings. It has a low price tag for how it looks and feels.

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