Cryotex Massage Gun Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager with 6 Heads & 20 Speeds Review

Cryotex Massage Gun Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager 

Cryotex Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

Cryotex Massage Gun is a handheld portable deep tissue percussion massage equipment with 20 speeds and 6 customized soft massage heads for your different muscle groups. It has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 210 users on the day of this review as a hot new release best selling massage gun.

It massages different parts of your body and muscles deeply and strongly, to help relieve the soreness after your workout sessions. It will enhance the blood flow in your body, relieve lactic acid, help repair your muscles and restore your body quicker than normal. You can also use it during your warm-up to get it ready for the exercise.

The massage heads mentioned include the flat head, spherical, mushroom, cylindrical, elbow and U-shape head. They will offer specific treatment for different muscle groups. You can choose from 20 intensity levels depending on what you can handle at the time. This way you will avoid any muscle or bone damage that may happen with the single intensity massage guns that are used for more sensitive muscles. It has an LCD Display Panel that shows these 20 speeds or levels of intensity and the battery level.

Cryotex Massage Gun weighs just 2 pounds and is compact in size with the measurements of 9.5 x 9.3 x 2 inches. It is easy to move around to use conveniently at the gym, in the office or on your travels. You’ll get a carrying case included with your purchase. This ergonomic design massage gun is easy to use and comes with a good quality 2600mAh lithium ion battery for up to 6 hours of battery life on full charge. This much battery should cover you for the whole week of workout. The LED battery indicator will tell you how much you have left. And you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

Cryotex Massage Gun 6 Soft Heads

When the color at the bottom of that battery turns red, it means it will run out in a few minutes and it is time to recharge the battery. And when it turns green the battery is full charged. It works very quietly despite its high power and low noise modern high-torque brushless motor that works at 45 decibels with the latest noise reduction technology. You will feel relaxed even at the highest settings, with low noise. It offers up to 3500 percussions per minute that vent focused pressure into your muscles tissues as part of a great deep tissue massage with great benefits.

It is claimed to decrease the tension in your muscles, enhancing the blood flow and boosting the motion range during your exercise session. It can help treat the cellulites by destroying the fat deposits underneath your skin and smooth the skin exterior. You can use this massage gun for treating the sore muscles after a hard workout, heal them quicker with the increased growth hormones and oxygen supply, and suppressing the lactic acid accumulation that causes fatigue. Cryotex Massage Gun is a great quality and functional device with positive customer reviews at a very competitive price. It is offered with a decent two-year warranty for the main device and the charger. There is a 90-day warranty for the batteries and 30 days for the attachments.

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