Crew & Axel Infrared Indoor Portable Foldable Sauna Review

Crew & Axel Infrared Portable Foldable Sauna

Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna Individual Home Spa

Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna is an indoor portable home spa for individual use. It comes with a foldable chair and a heating foot pad. As a number one hot new release at, it is currently one of the best sellers among portable saunas.

You can enjoy pretty much all the benefits of a full-size sauna in a compact package without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can put it and use it in any room of your house for relaxation after work or a tough work-out or whenever you want. And you can fold it easily and put it away for storage under your bed after your sauna session.

This large size obsidian black and yellow Crew & Axel Portable Sauna weighs 20.2 pounds and measures 27.5L x 37.5W x 32H inches. It offers plenty of space for one person to relax, sweat, remove toxins and more. With the infrared technology on this portable and foldable sauna you won’t have to clean up any moisture or experience delays before and after use. You just need about 5 to 10 minutes for it to heat up after you plug it in and you can start enjoying it straight away.

You will notice a difference even after first use but the real benefit is over regular use of this great little portable sauna. It will also affect your sleep at night and your overall mood throughout the day- you will find yourself feeling heaps happier. There Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna Remoteare a total of three heating panels inside this compact sauna- one at the rear, one on the left and one on the right. You also have the heat coming off the heat pad, that you can adjust to three levels.

You have a foldable chair, a three-level heated foot pad and a wired remote control to help with your sauna relaxation experience. This remote control has a 60-minute timer and the sauna will turn itself off once the time passes. The maximum temperature this portable sauna reaches is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a 120V unit and you can plug it into standard US outlets. It comes with a risk-free one-year warranty by the manufacturer with a satisfaction guarantee. So you can have a peace of mind that nothing can really go wrong within the first year and you will be well looked after by the customer service team unless you treat this portable sauna very badly. It seems to be pretty good value for the dollar.

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