CoreFlex4D Dynamic Core Trainer, Plank Ab Roller Wheel by AbsMaster Fitness Review

CoreFlex4D Dynamic Core Trainer, Plank Ab Roller Wheel

coreflex 4d dynamic core by abmaster

CoreFlex4D Dynamic Core Trainer is a plank ab roller wheel with a unique design, a great core section resistance training equipment by AbsMaster Fitness. It is designed to help strengthen and tone your abs, help you burn calories and fat, lose weight and even get a 6-pack over time in the comfort of your home.

CoreFlex4D is promoted as the only four dimensional dynamic core trainer in the world, that takes the plank exercise and offers it at a different level. And it is currently ranked the 20th best seller among the exercise roller wheels on It is made of metal, solid plastic and foam, weighs 4 pounds and measures 16.7L x 15.4W x 6H inches. The total recommended maximum user weight is 300 pounds on its solid structure. You may be already doing the static planks or other ab exercises like crunches.

With this 4D CoreFlex you have the different angles and movements on top of the ordinary plank and will make it more challenging while keeping you stable. CoreFlex4D stimulates your muscles and gives your abs a good 360-degree workout. It has the large wheel with the rubber coating, curved padded handles with an ergonomic design and the padded elbow rests for your comfort during your session. You can lift, rock, roll, twist, lean and tilt with the new Coreflex 4D Dynamic Core. It is designed to strengthen your abs or core section, balance and stability, help you burn calories and fat and increase metabolism. And you get a great overall workout by dedicating just a few minutes a day.

coreflex 4d dynamic core by abmaster plank ab roller

It will enhance the position you take during the regular plank exercise and work on your whole body including your arms- triceps, biceps, shoulders, obliques, chest, legs, glutes and the whole core section. It has quite a special design that gives you great control and lets you move freely, getting rid of any shoulder or wrist pressure that you may get with the ab roller or plank workouts. And you will actually feel quite comfortable when using it.

Being made of the good quality materials you can use it on different surfaces without giving any damage, like leaving marks or scratches. You can use it wherever you want, both indoors and outdoors and take it wherever you go. By making the static plank more instable it engages- gets more of your ab muscles involved. You have the increased back and forth movement with the premium rubber coating without making any noise or scratching the floor. It is a very nicely and ergonomically designed fitness equipment with a robust construction and will give you a great workout on a daily basis. It first became available on June 18, 2021 and the average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars for this number one new release by 9 customers at the moment.

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