ComMax ABS Cardio Stepper, Core & Abdominal Trainer Review

ComMax ABS Cardio Stepper, Core & Abdominal Trainer

ComMax ABS Stepper Machine

ComMax ABS Stepper is a foldable multifunctional home gym fitness equipment for the whole body that is made up of a cardiovascular stair stepper and core & abdominal trainer and that comes with the resistance bands. It was first available on on January 7, 2022, is currently ranked the 35th among the step fitness machines and has a couple of 5-star ratings. 

Red and black ComMax Abs Stepper has a heavy duty structure with a stainless steel frame for stability and a total user weight capacity of 330 pounds, weighs 22 pounds and measures 24.8 x 17.7 x 13.8 inches. It is suitable for use by men and women at different ages and fitness levels. It combines a great ab machine and a stepper and lets you train the muscles on your whole body, including the abs- core section, buttocks, legs, arms- triceps & biceps, shoulders and more by also using the included elastic resistance bands. 

It is a decent home gym fitness equipment that offers a comfortable workout experience overall with the highly elastic rolling foam and very large PU leather cushion. With the built-in double hydraulic rod drive system your stair stepping is quiet, smooth and stable and you get a low impact workout that does not burden your joints by offering a decent cushioning by the internal super-energy spring. The LCD display shows the calories burned, time exercised, number of steps- count, total count and you may keep track of your workout progress.

ComMax Abs Stepper is shipped fully assembled and you’ll only need to put the rolling foams on. It takes up just 0.2 square meters of space when folded (measures 18.8 x 13.3 x 13.8 inches) and can be stored conveniently. It has the oversized pedals that measures 4.7” x 12.2” each to help keep you balanced and comfortable with a 38-degree inclinationComMax ABS Foldable Stepper angle that makes it ergonomic, not harming the knees or joints and 12” x 13” large, thick, and very elastic cushion with the anti-slip texture. 

It can help you burn calories and fat lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles and shape your body. You can do your ab training, steps, sit-ups, cardio training, stretching, yoga stretching and yoga kneeling postures and more on this equipment. You can adjust the step angle through the support bar knob and you can train different parts of your body effectively by using this abs stepper in combination with the elastic bands. It is suitable for use in your home gym, living room, bedroom, office or wherever you want. You should receive it within 5 business days of your order and contact the customer service team with any queries you may have.

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