CEspace Whole Body Vibration Platform w/ Resistance Bands & Bluetooth Music Review

CEspace Whole Body Vibration Platform

CEspace Vibration Platform

CEspace Vibration Platform is a 200-watt power whole body exercise and vibration machine with 99 speed levels for home use. It comes with the resistance bands, LCD display, a remote control and Bluetooth Music feature.

You can burn calories and fat, lose weight, increase metabolism, strengthen and tone muscles, and improve blood circulation and flexibility. It offers a good workout for your lower body, abs and upper body muscles. You should be able to start seeing results after a while over regular use and healthy eating. The maximum amount of benefits are seen if they are used in conjunction with a conventional fitness training.

It has the 4 rubber feet underneath to help keep it stable and the anti-slip surface will help keep your feet in place during your vibration session. The speed is adjustable between 0 and 99 levels for your different needs and the amplitude is 0-10mm. You can change the speed via both the LCD control panel and the remote control by just clicking a button. You’ll find On/Off, Start, Speed – and +, Time – and +, Previous/Rewind, Next/Fast-forward, Next Music, Volume- and + and Play/Pause button.

We’re not quite sure if ten minutes on this vibration platform is really equal to an hour at the gym as claimed by the manufacturers. But there are many reviews online by happy customers that claim it works for them. The total user weight capacity is 441 pounds CEspace Vibration Plate(200kg) on this sturdy and durable vibration platform with the built-in security features like anti-static and anti-overload protection and an ergonomic design. It works fairly quietly without disturbing you when you’re listening to songs or watching videos.

Black and red CEspace Vibration Platform is made of steel and plastic, weighs 20.9 pounds, measures 12.2 x 20.9 x 5.1 inches and comes with a wheel on the left hand side to be moved easily by anyone. In the box you’ll find the CEspace Vibration Platform, two resistance bands, a remote control, a power cord and a user manual. At the advertised current price level at Amazon.com, it appears to be good value for the dollar and we think it is worth having a look.

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