elifine 2021 Upgraded Portable Steam Sauna Spa Tent with 2.5L Steamer, 149℉ Max Review

elifine 2021 New Updated Portable Steam Sauna

elifine 2021 New Upgraded Sauna Portable Steam Sauna Spa The 2021 model brand new and updated Elifine Portable Steam Sauna is a modern spa tent for one person’s use with 850W power, a 2.5-liter steamer device, 60-minute timer and 149-degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature. The current customer rating for this popular hot new release steam sauna … Read more

Barbella FIR 2-Zone Digital Heat Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Barbella Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Barbella FIR 2-Zone Digital Heat Sauna Blanket Barbella FIR Sauna Blanket is a dual zone, far infrared dry digital heat, foldable and portable personal sauna for a single person use. It comes with a pack of 50 plastic sheeting, the 7-layer blanket, a remote control, two fuses, a power wire and the main heating device … Read more