Belmint Vibration Platform, Mini Fitness Board with 2 Resistance Bands Review

Belmint Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Belmint Vibration Platform, Mini Fitness Board Belmint Vibration Plate is a modern fitness board that offers a passive form of workout in the comfort of your home or office. It is designed to offer you a full body workout and to help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, enhance your flexibility and blood circulation … Read more

MaxKare Vibration Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform with 4 Loop Bands & 2 Resistance Bands Review

MaxKare Vibration Platform

MaxKare Whole Body Vibration Platform MaxKare Vibration Plate is a whole body workout plate with a decent 200W motor that offers 99 speeds for varying levels of challenge and 10 preset modes for helping you lose weight and get in shape. It has three vibrating zones on it and comes with 2 elastic loop bands … Read more

LifeWarrior Vibration Platform Body Shaker Massager Review

LifeWarrior Full Body Vibration Platform

LifeWarrior Vibration Platform LifeWarrior Vibration Platform is a full body shaker, power board, flat fitness platform, home training equipment and massager that can be used in addition to your conventional workout at the gym or home. It appeared at only very recently in October, 2020 and there aren’t any product reviews and ratings yet. … Read more

Amzdeal Vibration Plate Whole Body Exercise Machine w/ Loop Bands Review

amzdeal Vibration Plate Platform

Amzdeal Vibration Plate w/ Loop Bands Amzdeal Vibration Plate is a whole body vibrating exercise platform with a sturdy and durable construction, a modern, ergonomic design, and anti-overload and anti-static devices. It comes with the elastic bands to help you work on your upper body at the same time. It offers you the opportunity to … Read more

KIRIOUL 3D Fitness Vibration Plate w/ Bluetooth & Resistance Bands Review

KIRIOUL Vibration Platform

KIRIOUL 3D Fitness Vibration Plate Black KIRIOUL Vibration Plate is a German design upgraded 3D whole body power exercise equipment with an upgraded 200-watt motor for high frequency vibrations and 180 speed levels for burning calories, losing weight, toning and strengthening muscles. As a recent release product there is a single review and rating at … Read more

eHUPOO Vibration Platform Exercise Machine, 200W, 180 Speeds Review

eHUPOO Vibration Platform

eHUPOO Vibration Platform Exercise Machine eHUPOO Vibration Platform is a whole body multi-functional fitness and massage machine with a 200-watt power (110V, 50Hz) for 180 speed levels for burning calories, weight loss and relaxation purposes. The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 109 users at the time of this post release, … Read more