BLH Air Rowing Machine Air Rower with LCD Monitor & 51″ Rail, RM-MKC902 Review

BLH Air Rowing Machine Rower with 51″ Rail

BLH Air Rowing Machine

BLH Air Rowing Machine (RM-MKC902) is a sleek and modern air rower with an alloy steel frame, a 51-inch long rail, an LCD-backlit monitor and adjustable air resistance mechanism for a great cardiovascular workout and training in the comfort of your home or office.

Black BLH Air Rower weighs 59 pounds and measures 75.6L x 19.9W x 14.4H inches as assembled. You can put hte pieces together easily by following the easy to follow instructions. With a good quality construction with a solid steel frame and a triangular design it is reliable and will help you optimize your workout for training comfortably. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100 kg on its alloy steel frame. It will engage all the major muscles of your body in a smooth motion and burn calories efficiently.

You can adjust the level of resistance on this air rower manually through the tension dial for an easier or more challenging workout. You can decrease or increase the level of intensity of your home workout depending on your needs. It comes with a large LCD-backlit performance console that shows the calories burned, time exercised, count, total count and real life scan. You can put your smartphone or tablet on the tablet holder and watch videos when you’re working out.

It has a large and ergonomic seat and the two large foot pedals have the adjustable straps for a stable and comfortable workout session. You can fold it upright easily to 42.5L x 19.9W x 54.7H inches, move it on the transportation wheels and store it in a convenient location for storage and save some space in your home gym area or living room. It is good to have the adjustable resistance levels for the needs of your different family members. You can have a wide range of motion by holding the foam padded handle and maximize your whole body workout.

BLH Air Rowing Machine Rower

You can sit comfortably on the soft seat, put your legs on the adjustable large foot pedals with straps and hold the padded handles and have a comfortable workout overall. The air rower can be moved conveniently and effortlessly with the transportation wheels underneath. You’ll find the air rower, user manual and the fittings in the package that weighs 59 pounds. The dynamic fan air resistance is what you have on this air rower and there is no tension dial.

It will help train your whole body, including your legs, core section- abdominals, arms- triceps & biceps, chest, shoulders and lower back muscles. The belt drive mechanism helps with the smooth operation and activates the progressive fan resistance. The more you pull, the more resistance you will get on this rowing machine. It will help the people at different fitness levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced to achieve their workout goals. You can consult the customer service through your Amazon order page and they will be happy to assist you. It is ranked the 39th best selling rowing machine on the market. The date it first became available is July 8, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews yet.

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