Bigzzia Motorised Under Desk Treadmill Portable Flat Walking Running Pad Review

Bigzzia Motorised Portable Under Desk Treadmill

Bigzzia Motorised Under Desk Treadmill

Bigzzia Motorised Under Desk Treadmill is a portable, slim and flat pad with a 1.5 horsepower motor and multi-layer shield design for walking, jogging or running at home or office. It has a smart LCD display at the front and comes with a remote control with the same functions.

Bigzzia Under Desk Treadmill first appeared at on January 7, 2021 and is rated an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 27 users on the day of this post release. Your color options are grey and pink at the same price at the moment. The speed range is between 1 and 10kph (0.62 to 6.2mph) and you can adjust it by the remote control provided or through the front LCD-backlit control panel, depending on your workout needs and what you can handle with your fitness level. It shows the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed and time exercised and is easy to read.

This slim, compact and portable walking pad treadmill is built sturdy and durable with an alloy steel frame and weighs just 23.5 kg (51.80 pounds). And you can put it flat under your standing desk and use it while you work on your computer. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds, it has the dimensions of 120 cm x 50 cm x 14 cm (47.24 x 19.68 x 5.51 inches) and the deck is 41 inches long and 15.4 inches wide. With its slim and compact design it will be a nice addition to any home. Once you’re done with your session you can move it on its transportation wheels on your own and store it easily under your bed or in the closet etc. and keep it out of the way.

The 1.5HP motor makes the treadmill run smoothly and quietly without disturbing people around you or in the building. It has a solid and durable frame with five layers for proper shock absorption and to help with the noise reduction for you to feel comfortable and run quietly. This tread belt has the anti-slip and anti-static lawn texture and offers safe cushion for your Bigzzia Motorised Under Desk Treadmill Walking Running Padjoints, ankles, knees, lower back and muscles. For safety you’re recommended to run the treadmill for a few minutes without stepping on it and view the working condition of the belt. It is best that you put it on a hard, flat surface without a carpet as a thick carpet will block the efficient dissipation of heat.

It is shipped pre-assembled, doesn’t need any installation and you can use it pretty much straight out of the box. The company accepts returns only based on manufacturing defects or quality issues. You will not be able to return and get a refund just for not liking it. This modern treadmill has a steel frame and has the solid ABS plastic parts. We like that it has an ergonomic design that lowers the impact on your joints and increases your comfort level when jogging or running. Bigzzia Motorised Under Desk Treadmill is easy and straight forward to use, seems robust and durable, runs smoothly and quietly and is a decent compact unit overall that is good value for the money.

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