Bigzzia 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate with Oscillation, Vibration + 3D Motion Review

Bigzzia 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate

bigzzia 3d dual motor vibration platform

Bigzzia 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate is a hot new release, best selling fitness unit with the powerful dual motors for twice the power, Bluetooth speakers and an anti-slip surface, for use in the comfort of your home. This popular vibration plate is rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 4 users at the time of this post release.

You have two color options of black and white at the same price. It comes with the built-in Bluetooth speakers for you to listen to relaxing music during your vibration session. This is quite a large vibration platform with a big anti-slip surface to offer you a nice workout space.  It offers three different movement options of the linear, oscillation and 3 dimensional. The linear movement is up and down as suggested by the name, oscillation is side to side and 3d mode is vibration + oscillation. You have more motion options with the two powerful motors on this vibration plate and you can choose to do the oscillation and vibration separately or together in a 3D motion.

Bigzzia 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate has the LED lighting and comes with a remote control to let you control it easily if you don’t want to kneel down to the control panel each time. And with the 9 modes you can get a decent whole body workout, burn calories and strengthen and tone muscles. It will help wake up muscles that were not active before and will improve the strength on your abdominals. Other reported benefits include the increased metabolism, reduced fat percentage in your body, recovery after a workout, massage, relaxation, reduced stress, better sleep at night, relief from pain, increased blood circulation, enhanced balance and reduced cellulite.

We do think that it will work best if you use it in combination with abigzzia 3d dual motor vibration plate conventional workout and a healthy diet. You have 90 speed or intensity levels in both modes and whether you’re new to this or experienced it will help you improve your body and health. With the two elastic resistance bands included you can work on your lower and upper body at the same time and in different positions. It is a solid and durable product made of ABS plastic with a total user weight capacity of 330 pounds or 150kg. It comes with the transport wheels and can be moved around easily.

The linear movement is 5-10 Hz with an 8mm amplitude and the oscillating movement is 5-13Hz with an amplitude of 12mm. Despite the high power offered by the dual modern motors this vibration platform works very quietly and you can either listen to music through its speakers, watch shows or videos on TV.  The recommended time of use in each session is 15 minutes. It is shipped totally assembled and you can start using it pretty much straight out of the box with and you’d just need to attach the resistance bands. It is a solid and durable product made of ABS plastic with a total user weight capacity of 330 pounds or 150kg. This great high-end Bigzzia Vibration Plate is offered with a satisfaction guarantee and you can get help from their friendly customer service team. The warranty is lifetime for the motor and it is nice that you’re covered in the long run.

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