BARWING Vibration Platform with Push-Up Bars Review

BARWING Vibration Platform with Push-Up Bars

BARWING Vibration Platform

BARWING Vibration Platform is a whole body workout machine, home training unit with the push up bars and that can be used for burning calories, shaping your body and massaging. You can place the each handle in six different ways to be able to work on the different parts of your body.

It is a single motor model with the oscillation function + the push ups. It causes 4 to 12Hz vibrations per second. There are 12 programs to choose from on the display panel and 99 speeds that you can adjust between 1 and 99 levels. With the yoga mat included in the package, you can work out quite comfortably. The multi-functional LCD display panel shows the speed (1-99) and time- duration.

You can either use the touch panel directly or the remote control included. It feels safe and stable with the ABS plastic shell and the 4 suction pads that will make it stay put and not affect the stability. Working at a lower amplitude and a higher frequency it can be used for a variety of purposes. You’ll find the options for time, vibration intensity (speed), vibration mode and select auto program whenever you want. You will see the vibration time and exercise intensity- speed on the LCD display panel.

There are three different zones on the platform surface, for walking, jogging or running. The way it works is the muscles of your body will contract very quickly and your bones will get denser. You have the 12 preset programs you can choose for whatever you may need and that will make the operation easier for you. Your balance, flexibility and stability will be improved. It weighs 35.4 pounds, has a BARWING Vibration Platform LCD Display Remote300-pound user weight capacity and measures 27.6L x 17.3W x 5.5H inches. The handles for the push-ups feel quite firm and you can loosen it easily. The power supply is 110 Volts and you can use it with the standard US outlets.

The push-up handles are actually quite versatile and let you do different exercises, including lunges and squats. You’ll get it shipped assembled swiftly via, with the instructions manual and the documentation included in the box. One negative we can point out is that the cord can get disconnected from the stand easily. Please note that the resistance bands that you get with the other two Barwing models are not included in this one. It is quite a decent vibration platform at a reasonable price. We are happy to recommend the Barwing Vibration Plate to anyone that prefers a passive form of workout, by dedicating ten minutes a day in the comfort of their homes.

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