Barbella FIR 2-Zone Digital Heat Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Barbella FIR 2-Zone Digital Heat Sauna Blanket

Barbella Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Barbella FIR Sauna Blanket is a dual zone, far infrared dry digital heat, foldable and portable personal sauna for a single person use. It comes with a pack of 50 plastic sheeting, the 7-layer blanket, a remote control, two fuses, a power wire and the main heating device with 650W power (110V-120V, 50-60Hz). It is designed for weight loss, skin care, anti ageing, detoxification and relaxation purposes.

Barbella FIR Sauna Blanket is rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the time of this page. There are a few color options of pink, orange, gray, purple, upgraded versions of each color and again the XL zipper style of each color. There are two size options of ML (70.5″ x 31.7″) and XL (74.8 x 33.5) inches. It is made of good quality materials and has the Oxford cloth material on the outside with the 2nd generation environmental protection and waterproof PVC inside. You can use it in different sleep positions and the flexible stretching.

The temperature range is between 86 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit and the time can be adjusted between 15 and 60 minutes. The 7 layers on the blanket are FIR layer, waterproof layer, the shield, heat conduction layer, temp limit and control layer, fever layer and the heat preservation cover. The way these far infrared rays work is they are absorbed by your skin and with the subcutaneous tissue’s deep thermal effect, blood vessels and capillaries will expand and blood circulation will be enhanced and body metabolism increased. Any toxins or metabolic waste will get taken out of your body.

Most people can use this sauna blanket including those that want skin care regularly, lose weight or rehab patients. Reported benefits include enhanced immunity, burning calories, weight loss, relieved pressure on stiff muscles and joints, reduced stress levels and relaxation, enhanced sleep quality, detox, rehab for your legs, back, waist and hips. It comes with the built-in security protection switch that will shut off automatically within just 0.01 seconds when thereBarbella FIR Sauna Blanket is a circuit problem. It will also disconnect when the temp gets to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and stop heating and beep for 60 seconds. You can set it up and start using it straight out of the box, at home, in the spa, beauty salon and more.

You’ll get a convenient remote control in the box that makes it easy to use, wherever you want in any position. The large and long cover is good for customers of different sizes. The wavelength of FIR rays are similar to the FIR emitted by your body and is easy to get absorbed. It is claimed that you can burn up to 500 calories in each FIR sauna session and help you lose weight. This is apparently real weight loss and not just water loss through sweating as fat and dirt are discharged through the pores. It is not suitable for use by pregnant women or those with heart complications or other serious illnesses. It is important that you don’t set the temp to too high and not fold it till it is cooled down. And please wear pajamas to avoid burns on your body.

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