AweSafe Portable Powerful Handheld Massage Gun, A02-01 Review

AweSafe Portable Handheld Massage Gun, A02-01 

awesafe Massage Gun Portable Powerful Handheld

Awesafe A02-01 Massage Gun is a handheld powerful percussion manager with a brushless high torque motor with the silent sliding model technology for a proper deep tissue massage. It comes with 5 massage head attachments and 4 speeds for relieving the stiffness, soreness or pain. As a very popular best-selling muscle massage gun it is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by 454 users at the time of this product review.

This tailor-made product was designed in California for the needs of American bodies and the usage habits of Americans. This deep tissue percussion massage gun offers great recovery and muscle repair after a long and tough workout at the gym. You can use each of the 5 interchangeable massage head attachments for your specific body parts and muscles for a better and more effective customized massage. And it feels great overall- just like by a professional massage therapist at different intensities between 1800 and 3200 percussions per minute.

With just the right amounts of pressure it enhances blood circulation in your body, offer a nice warm-up before your session at the gym and decrease any muscle pain post-workout. It comes with a good quality 2400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery for a very long 6 solid hours of battery life per charge, which should give you more than a week’s massage. The right massage tool can be important for a better and quicker recovery without any pain from your intense workouts at the gym. It applies deep, concentrated pulses into your muscle tissues as a great deep percussion massage gun and quickly reduces the lactic acid produced after your workout.

AweSafe Massage Gun A01 works the tension, knots or tightness out of your muscles while enhancing the blood flow and improving your motion range. It is not just about the heavy workouts at the gym either. You may be feeling tension in your muscles from sitting at the desk in the office all day or there may be a knot that is stopping you from living a more active life. You have a good chance of relieving any cramps, knots, tightness or spasms with this massage gun. It has a dynamic digital screen, smart charging management system, 4-level power display, smart force sensing system and 60-minute free setting timing.

The Silent Sliding Model Technology on its powerful 24V brushless high-torque motor means it is a rather quiet massage gun that works at the noise levels between 35 and 55 decibels. So you will not be disturbed by any noise, and it will all feel nice, smooth and comfortable. The vibration frequency is 20Hz at level 1, 30Hz at level 2, 40Hz at level 3 and 53Hz at level 4. The flat head is for general awesafe Massage Gun Portable Powerful Fascia Gunmuscle massage and relaxation, point head is for deep tissue massage and precise tension points, ball shape for bulk muscles like thighs, calves, back, waist and buttocks and the fork head is for massaging your spine, neck and achilles.

Awesafe A02-01 Massage Gun weighs 2.5 pounds and it is both lightweight and compact for you to take to the gym or on your travels easily. The reviews are generally positive with many customers claiming that this massage gun really hits the right spots on their necks and other body parts very powerfully. They feel a lot of pressure releasing off their backs when they use this massage gun as it breaks down the knots much faster with the right amount of penetration. It works wonderfully without heating up and the timer function at up to an hour is great. You will feel nice and relaxed after using this and will sleep better. There is a hard shell case included in the box with spots for the attachments and adapter as well.

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