AVTIFIT TD-1A 3.5 HP Folding Treadmill with 15% Auto Incline & 0-10mph Review

AVTIFIT TD-1A 3.5 HP Folding Treadmill

AVTIFIT Treadmill 300+ lb Capacity

AVTIFIT TD-1A is a modern foldable treadmill with a powerful 3.5HP motor, 0-10mph speed range, 15% auto incline, 12 exercise programs, audio speaker and shock absorbing multi-layer tread belt for walking, jogging or running in the comfort of your home or office. It first became available on January 18, 2022 and is currently listed in the top 150 best selling treadmills. 

It has a solid construction, high strength structure and frame and a two-ply thick bely that can carry up to 350 pounds of total user weight. It comes with the Lift Assist and Safe Drop features for folding and setting it up easily between the uses. And you can move it around on its transportation wheels and store it in a convenient spot. It is robust and durable enough to last for many years and miles. It offers a low impact workout with the shock absorbing cushioning for protecting your joints, knees, ankles, hips and lower back. 

Avtifit Treadmill has a rather powerful yet quiet 3.5HP motor that lets you walk, jog or run at the speeds between 0 and 10mph. You can adjust the speeds and incline level and start or stop the treadmill through the buttons on handrail. And you can adjust the incline automatically up to 15% to be able to burn more calories. It has a large interactive display console control panel that shows you the standard indicators of calories burned, time exercised, current speed and heart rate through the pulse sensors on the front handlebar. 

It is shipped unassembled and you can do the job in half an hour or so by following the included instructions and tools. And it is even better if you have other people helping you out. The package weighs 73.94kg and measures 69L x 31W x 13H inches. It measures around 29 x 55 x 39 inches as assembledAVTIFIT Treadmill 300+ lb Capacity with 15 percent Incline and will not occupy much space with its foldable design. The tread belt measures 51L x 16.5W inches which is a good amount of space for walking, jogging and running of  different sized people.

There is an add-on device holder where you can put your tablet or smartphone for watching workout or other videos or listening to music to be able to exercise longer with the distraction of the music or videos. This device holder is big enough and will stay in place during your workout sessions. You can choose from one of the 12 pre-set programs depending on your workout goals or what you’re in the mood for at the time. 

You’ll get the tread belt pre-oiled and you’ll find the lubricant oil for using later. If you feel a bad smell after installing the treadmill, you don’t need to worry and it should go away within a few days. You’ll find two water bottle and small item holders on both sides of the control panel to stay hydrated during your workout session. It is quite a good quality and solid treadmill without much of the bells and the whistles and overall it appears to be good value for money with a robust construction and ergonomic design. You can contact the customer service via your order page on Amazon.com and they should get back to you within 24 hours. 

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